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Lei Plus Size Jeans

Lei plus size jeans are the ideal addition to a full-figured womans wardrobe. They also make their line in junior sizes so that young women who develop early can feel good about their clothing and their body. The entire company has a mission thats focused heavily on self-empowerment and individuality. They believe that there is no one pair of jeans suited to every women, every body type, every lifestyle and the are determined to reflect that ideology in their clothing line.

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Discount Plus Size Swim Suits


Discount Plus Size Swim Suits are easy to find if you know where to look!

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Plus Size Wrap Top


A Plus Size Wrap Top can always look very feminine and is flattering on most figures. It can make a straight body look more curvy and show off curves if you have them.

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Fall 2014 Plus Size Fashion Trends

Fall 2014 Plus Size Fashion Trends
Fall 2014 fashion trends continue with a focus on the classics, with a casual twist. Reds and Berry colors are the predominant colors along with gray - not many traditional fall colors to be found. Black and white gets even bigger, especially black & white prints.

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Plus Size Winter Coats

Plus Size Winter Coats
When we are shopping for a winter coat we want one that doesn’t only keep us warm, but flatters the body. The key to success isn’t as complicated as you might think. First, though, you need to consider various factors not the least of which is getting the right size.

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Plus Size Palazzo Pants

Plus Size Palazzo Pants
Plus Size Palazzo pants flatter the body because there’s natural movement in the slacks’ design. When you look at them they seem to whisper of the era of flower children with their vibrant patterns and geometrics.

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Plus Size Halter Tops

Plus Size Halter Tops
Plus Size Halter Tops Top Picks, Shopping Guide and Fashion Tips

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Plus Size Red Dresses

Plus Size Red Dresses
Looking for the perfect Plus Size Red Dress? Whether you need a little red dress for the office, church or a special occasion - we've got you covered! So wrap your beautiful self in one of these great red plus sized dresses and go be that lovely Lady in Red!

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Plus Size Designer Dresses

Plus Size Designer Dresses
Plus Size Designer Dresses are almost always a great investment. In addition to being well made and high quality, Designer Plus Size Dresses represent either timeless classics or the Current Fashion Trends AND can make you feel wonderfully special when you are wearing them.

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Plus Size Denim Dresses

Plus Size Denim Dresses
There are some really cute Plus Size Denim Dresses this spring and summer.

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Plus Size Beaded Tops

Plus Size Beaded Tops
Plus Size Beaded Tops are not only for special occasions, they are also very popular in causal wear right now. So no matter if you need one for an elegant event or you just want to dress up your jeans, there is a great selection available.

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It's July 4!

Happy Independence Day!

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Plus Size Jogger Swimsuits

Plus Size Jogger Swimsuits
A Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit provides the look of a tank swimsuit with jogging shorts. This is a great sporty look that provides extra coverage!

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2014 Plus Size Swimsuit Trends

2014 Plus Size Swimsuit Trends
Plus Size Swimsuit trends styles for this summer include sporty or athletic inspired styles, suits with cut-outs (or peek-a-boo) areas and retro/vintage inspired styles.

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Plus Size Summer Dresses

Plus Size Summer Dresses
Plus Size Summer Dresses, be they for work or casual dresses, sun dresses or a swimsuit cover-up dress will keep you cool and looking great when it is hot outside.

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Current Fashion Trends

Current Fashion Trends Spring & Summer 2014 fashion trends continue with a focus on the classics, with a casual twist.

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Plus Size Teen Clothing

Plus Size Teen Clothing Casual fashion is the main trend for this summer - tee shirts with attitude and denim cut-offs are right in style.

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Plus Size Halter Swimsuit


A Plus Size Halter Swimsuit is a great option if you are looking for something a little different - something that shows off your shoulders and draws attention to your face and upper body.

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Plus Size Tall Jeans

Tall women know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans. Many of us end up looking at plus size tall jeans due to either having long legs or a long torso that creates awkward sizing configurations. And while the producers of plus size clothing have really begun to embrace the denim revolution, it can still be very hard to find just the right jeans that show off your figure comfortably and confidently.

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Plus Size Stretch Jeans

When you are looking for a great fit in jeans, it can seem like swimming in uncharted waters without a guide. One tip, however, is considering plus size stretch jeans. Why? Because stretch jeans integrate fabrics like Lycra that naturally show off your shape and give everything a proverbial face lift with support in all the right places.

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Plus Size Skinny Jeans

At first glance you may think that the concept of plus size skinny jeans is a contradiction in possible fashion fusions. Skinny jeans also sometimes called cut and fit jeans have designs intended to fit snugly, not too tightly. Most brands use stretch denim for this purpose so the fabric forgives those normal changes in body weight while also keeping the overall feel of the pants comfortable.

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Plus Size Seven Jeans

Plus size women used to wear mens jeans just so the pants fit even remotely, and even then the look was way off. A woman with curves still wants to look like a women and may be hoping to find plus size seven jeans because they are so popular. Many of todays most stylish manufacturers are starting to branch out, but not all. It is important to know your clothing line so you do not get frustrated.

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Plus Size Levi Jeans

Plus Size Levi Jeans are widely available and very popular with plus size ladies for casual blue jeans. Unless you live on a deserted island the word Levis is nearly synonymous with jeans.

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Plus Size Designer Jeans

You get online and start researching plus size designer jeans. Suddenly you are barraged with mega jean terminology, some of which makes no sense to you. The world of style is filled with wordiness: yokes and frays, distressed and vintage - when all most people want to know is how to find a pair of decent designer jeans that fit your life and your personal tastes.

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Lee Plus Size Jeans

The name Lee is a giant in the international jean industry, including lee plus size jeans. The company first became multi-national in the 1960s. This boost them into the enviable position of leading the women's jean market, particularly for their plus size styles. Unlike some companies with very limited options, Lee offers plus size jeans in everything from a Capri, crop, stretch denim, distressed look, boot cuts, and old-fashioned hippy bells.

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