Plus Size Skirts

Women's Plus Size Skirts remain a favorite clothing item season after season.

Although styles change and hems go up and down, plus size ladies love skirts for business, special occasion and casual. If you are different sizes on top and bottom, it is much esier to get a good fit with a skirt instead of a dress. Plus, you can expand your wardrobe by mixing and matching other items with your skirts.

Trendy Plus Size Skirts

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Plus Size Denim Skirts Plus Size Denim Skirts are always in style. You can wear them year round - with tanks and sandals in the warmer months and with sweaters and tights when the weather turns cooler. The short, straight denim skirt is a true classic. You can go with the classic style, or look for a skirt with trendy updates...[Read More]

Plus Size Long Denim Skirts Plus Size Denim Long Skirts are a great wardrobe staple when jeans just won't do. They can be worn wear round, I especially live them in the cooler months paired with a sweater and a great pair of boots. There is an almost endless variety of styles in the longer denim...[Read More]

Plus Size Skirt SuitsPlus Size Skirt Suits are a great look, especially if you prefer a skirt over pants for business or special occasions. A classic black suit can be dressed up or down by changing the shirt, shoes sand accessories and can take you through many different occasions for many years. You can wear it with a pretty blouse for a job interview, a shell for a business meeting, a pretty camisole for an after hours business event and a satin or sequin shell for a wedding...[Read More]

Trendy Plus Size Skirts Plus Size Trendy Skirts What's hot in Trendy Plus Size Clothes? Skirts are WAY in this season - long, short and in-between. Skirts this season will be long and flowing. Layers of sheer fabric and asymmetrical hems are very popular and fuller skirts are making a comeback. On the other end of the spectrum, shorter skirts (even mini-skirts) will also be very popular. I am also seeing a lot of knee length pencil skirts. Anything goes...[Read More]

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