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Plus Size Stretch Jeans

When you're looking for a great fit in jeans, it can seem like swimming in uncharted waters without a guide. One tip, however, is considering plus size stretch jeans. Why? Because stretch jeans integrate fabrics like Lycra that naturally show off your shape and give everything a proverbial face lift with support in all the right places.

Plus Size Stretch Jeans

Full figured women benefit greatly from stretch fabrics like this. When chosen correctly the material lies smooth against the skin, and gives the illusion of longer body lines. Some designs also integrate extra support in the stomach area for greater slimming qualities. These type of plus pants conceal the curves you don't want people to notice, while accentuating those you DO!

In picking out a pair of stretch jeans you'll probably want to gravitate to a pair that sits at your waist line. Too low and you'll get unattractive rolls from the contracting fabric. Choose zippers over buttons for smoothness, particularly for long hanging shirts. A boot cut can add to the illusion of long legs for more petite plus sized women, or serve to show off some fabulous foot ware.

As to how fancy you want the rest of the jean, that's really a matter of personal choice. Women who want to downplay slightly larger bottoms, however, do well to avoid decoration on back pockets. Try welt pockets instead. Remember, however, the biggest rule in jean shopping is FIT FIT FIT (did I say FIT?).

No amount of money compensates for plus size stretch jeans that wrinkle or bunch. When trying them out, don't just stand there. Sit down, bend over, and crouch as if you were picking something up off the floor. After every move, observe the state of your pants. If they still look sleek and smooth, you've got a winner.

Overall I think you'll love stretch jeans as part of your wardrobe. Gravitate to slimming blues and blacks that match all your fabulous shirts and accessories, then have a little fun mixing it up for a day with friends or a night on the town.

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