Plus Size Formal Pant Suits
Plus Size Cocktail Pants Suits

Plus Size Formal Pant Suits and Plus Size Cocktail Pants Suits are a great option if you are attending a special event, a formal wedding or perhaps a cruise. They can be the perfect choice when you want to be comfortable, but still turn heads.  From an anniversary dinner to a holiday gathering, these suits are ideal for many different occasions.

Plus Size Formal Pant Suits and Plus Size Cocktail Pants Suits

There are great options that range from classic styles to those with sequins and glamour. I love the ones with beading, sequins and flowing duster length jackets. The longer length jackets are quite flattering and add a feeling of elegance and formality.  

Plus Size Formal Pant Suits

There are two approaches to buying a formal pants suit. One is the mix and match approach. Here you'll be picking out all the elements of a formal suit, but not as ONE unit. Rather you're gathering the individual pieces that you can mix and match.  Purchasing separates allows you to get the best fitting pieces, as many plus size women find that while the pants on one suite might fit, the jacket does not (or vice versa).  Another advantage is that you are adding pieces to your wardrobe that can be repurposed and used with other complementary pieces.  

Plus Size Formal Pantset

The second approach is buying a complete set that is already matched.  If you like what you see, you can always consult a tailor to make minor adjustments later.

Elements of Plus Size Formal Pant Suits

A plus size formal pant suit has various elements. It may either have pants, shirt and a jacket or an embellished tunic and pants. Some dressy pants suits also include a vest.  Vests work well in some outfits, but pay close attention to the fabric...a sheer light-weight fabric will enhance the overall formal look.

Jackets run in various styles from the ultra-formal tuxedo to something a bit more casual like a duster, western style or double-breasted jacket. Determining which one is right for you depends heavily on your body curves, as well as formality of the occasion. If it says black tie - go for the tuxedo!

There is a wide range of top and pant styles of formal evening suits for well-endowed women. It is important that special attention be paid to fit, if the suit doesn't fit well you will not be comfortable.  

In reviewing pant options, Palazzo pants continue to be the most popular special occasion pants.  Known for their comfort and style, palazzo pants have become a special occasion staple for many plus size ladies.

If you are looking for a more tailored look, shop for pants with a tiny crease in the front and straight legs or perhaps a small flair at the bottom.  Pleats or gathers do not work for all body types.  It is also a good idea to take your shoes with you to make sure you're getting a long enough inseam. 

The Fashion of Fabric

The main thing that sets plus size formal pant suits apart from others is the fabric. If you like crepe, chiffon or even patina - you're in luck. That's exactly the kind of fabric designers pair with other decorative elements ranging from sequin to pearls. The end result can be dramatic, romantic or classic. The key here is choosing an entire ensemble that not only looks fantastic, but suits your personality and the tenor of the event.

Plus Size Formal Pantset

Online stores have the best selection of Cocktail Pants Suits around the holidays - if you are able to shop in advance, that is definitely the best time to pick up a special suit.  This season, separates are much easier to find than sets. Find the top you love and then add a great pair of evening pants - the biggest trends right now are chiffon and velvet. 

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