Current Fashion Trends

Plus Size Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

Plus Size Clothes Fashion Trends Fall 2014

Fall 2021 fashion trends continue with a focus on the classics, with a casual twist.  Reds and Berry colors are the predominant colors along with gray - not many traditional fall colors to be found. Black and white gets even bigger, especially black & white prints.  Animal trends are pretty big and almost the only place you can find browns.  Anything goes with pants - wide leg to leggings and everything in between.  You can say the same for skirts - minis to maxis, but most are around knee length.  Knits are huge and sweaters are very popular, even sweater dresses.  Not many florals this season, the prints are more geometric, with stripes, chevron stripes, tribal inspired prints. Bohemian chic and Lace and Crochet will make a strong appearance.  There is also a 1960s influence in some prints and styles.

Plus Size Fashion Trends
Spring & Summer 2021

Plus Size Fashion Trends Spring & Summer 2014

Spring & Summer 2021 fashion trends continue with a focus on the classics, with a casual twist.  Pastels are the predominant colors along with metallics and primary colors.  Black and white continues as a popular combination.  Pants are fuller and skirts are longer.  Knife pleats and boxy tops are key looks.

2020 Plus Size Swimsuit Trends

2014 Plus Size Swimsuit Trends

Plus Size Swimsuit trends styles for this summer include sporty or athletic inspired styles, suits with cut-outs (or peek-a-boo) areas and retro/vintage inspired styles.  We are starting to see more and more two-piece suits and bikinis in plus sizes.  Trendy colors for this season are fuchsia, lime green and turquoise blue.   Bold floral prints and geometric and ethnic prints are hot.  Black and white prints remain popular, especially when they include a splash of one of the trendy colors.  I'm also seeing lots of polka dots this season.  See our top picks here.

2020 Plus Size Teen Summer Trends

2014 Plus Size Teen Summer Trends

Casual fashion is the main trend for this summer - tee shirts with attitude and denim cut-offs are right in style.  Shorts are always a hit for summer - the strongest colors for this season are white,  black and blue, along with pastels and of course, denim.  The boho look is strong and novelty and geometric abstract prints are everywhere.  See our Top Picks for Teens here.

Current Fashion TrendsCurrent Fashion Trends this season are more about color than neutrals. In fact in the five plus years of doing this site, this is the first season I have never even seen neutrals mentioned in any of the trends. The colors are bright and bold - especially red, teal blue, green, and orange. Prints are very big this season - especially animal prints, florals and plaids.

Some of the biggest themes for the season are Chunky Knit Sweaters with long fuller skirts, Bohemian Chic, clothing with a military influence, color blocking, ruffled and tie neck blouses, faux fur and leather. Lace and ruffles continue from past seasons. Embellished clothing is beginning to reappear.

Hot Fashion Trends Lace Continues as a Hot Fashion Trend for Fall 2019 - Lace Continues as a Hot Fashion Trend for Fall 2011. Lace has been a current fashion trend for several seasons and it continues in to the fall and winter. In addition to the lace embellishments, we are seeling more all over lace pieces this season - like the lace tee-shirt, cardigan or even dress...[Read More]

Fashion Trends Today Fashion Trends Today - One of the hottest Fashion Trends Today is being called Bohemian Chic. It is an updated, eclectic look that borrows from the past's gypsy, hippie and peasant styles. This style is also called Boho Chic and it is all about expressing your individuality. The true look is achieved with layers of clothing that have different elements - different colors, patterns or textures and layered accessories...[Read More]

Upcoming Fashion Trends Upcoming Fashion Trends for this for winter include more faux fur, leather and sweaters. There is a huge selection of beautiful plus size coats and outerwear for this winter, as well as longer and chunkier sweaters than we have seen in a long time...[Read More]

Current Fashion Trends for Spring & Summer 2020

Current Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2010

Current Fashion Trends for Spring & Summer 2011 include bright colors and draping, glamorous feminine styles, along with lots of white and neutrals and denim.

Current Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2010

Latest Female Fashion Trends Latest Female Fashion Trends - One of the Latest Female Fashion Trends for Spring & Summer 2020 is lots of bright and bold colors. In addition to the bright turquoise blues and pinks that range from coral to hot pink, that were so popular last spring & summer and are back for an encore this year, the hottest colors are bright citrus colors - orange, tangerine, line green and lemon yellow.....[Read More]

Spring Fashion Trends Spring Fashion Trends include a wide range of neutral colors - the hottest color is being called nude, but they will also range from nude to dark khaki and also soft gray. These neutrals are sometimes worn head-to-toe, but most often paired with white the season's trendy bright and bold colors...[Read More]

Plus Size Fashion TrendsPlus Size Fashion Trends - One of the best Plus Size Fashion Trends is the Kimono style top - also being identified as a butterfly sleeves, poncho tops, caftan tops and boxy tops with dolman sleeves. These style tops go hand and hand with the emphasis on comfy clothing this season. There is an abundance of these updated tops in many styles, colors and fabrics...[Read More]

Summer Fashion Trends Summer Fashion Trends includes lots and lots of white. White dresses, tops, pants, skirts, accessories - you name it, you'll find it. While white is always a popular color for summer it is even more so this year, with more of it than ever. Head to toe white will be a hot look, as well as...[Read More]

Fashion Trends For Spring Fashion Trends For Spring - One of the most feminine Fashion Trends For Spring is the sheer blouse. Who doesn't feel special in a beautiful blouse with flowing layers of chiffon? Most of the sheer tops are in prints - most often the floral and botanical prints that are also a big trend for this spring and summer. This is a trend that is carried over from last spring and summer and this year it is even moving beyond tops and blouses to dresses, especially Maxi Desses...[Read More]

Fashion Trend Reports for Fall 2010 and Winter 2011Fashion Trend Reports for Spring and Summer 2011 - include a large variety of prints. Beautiful dresses, tops and skirts with a variety of prints are available in abundance. For the most part, prints are very bold this season and include floral, asian inspired, tie-dyed and geometric prints. The floral prints are very romantic and are often used on sheer flowing fabric...[Read More]

Plus Size Maxi DressesPlus Size Maxi Dresses - When they came on the scene a few seasons ago, I figured the trend would be short lived. Much to my surprise they stayed and are becoming more and more popular. There is a great selection in a variety of styles - everything from casual to dressy. Here are the top picks for this season...[Read More]

Plus Size Spring DressesPlus Size Spring Dresses, Womens Plus Size Dresses, Plus Size Womens Dresses - Plus Size Spring Dresses always make you feel special and feminine - A new season and a new look from winter's darker layers. They are available early in the season in ample supply...[Read More]

Top Plus Size Fashion Trends Top Plus Size Fashion Trends - One of the Top Plus Size Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2011 is a return of sophisticated glamour. The styles are heavily influenced by the 1960s and 1970s. If you love classic styles from these decades, you are going to love this season's fashions...[Read More]

Trendy-Plus-Size-Swim-Suits.htmlTrendy Plus Size Swim Suits follow the Current Fashion Trends. For this season, that means glamour, elegance, lots of bright colors, especially Yellow, Coral Pink and Bright Blue. Prints from Florals to Geometrics and even Tie Dye are very popular....[Read More]

Trendy Plus Size Dresses Trendy Plus Size Dresses are popular and plentiful. Hemlines are going both shorter and longer and the Maxi Dress is a trend carried over from last season that is even more popular. Asymmetrical hems are very popular. There is a wide assortment of ... [Read More]

Trendy Plus Size Denim and JeansTrendy Plus Size Denim and Jeans are popular and plentiful this season - especially Chambray and distressed denim - yes, acid wash is back and so are ripped jeans (with heels, no less - I'll pass on that one!)... [Read More]

Current Fashion Trends from Fall 2010 and Winter 2011

Womens Fashion Trends for Fall 2010 and Winter 2011Womens Fashion Trends for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 - include lots of flowing or cascading fabric. Dresses, tops and vests can all be found with a flowing lapels, hems or even long loose ruffles...[Read More]

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