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Plus Size Wrap Top

Plus Size Wrap Top

A Plus Size Wrap Top can always look very feminine and is flattering on most figures.  It can make a straight body look more curvy and show off curves if you have them.  It can also dress up any pair of pants, skirt or even jeans.  While they are not plentiful, there is a nice selection available.

We know from reading 101 articles that people tend to generalize body types. When they do, they often describe the “ideal” clothing to fit a specific type. Plus size wrap tops are not so “boxed in”. In fact, they represent some of the most forgiving pieces in a wardrobe that also adapt to a wide variety of both formal and social situations.

Wraps come in all colors and a variety of styles. As the name implies the wrap gets its shape from your body – namely by wrapping around it and being secured with a tie. That means you can wear the plus size wrap top loosely or as tightly as you choose without giving up comfort. In fact a wrap top is the very definition of versatile. It’s just a matter of picking the right color and fabric for your proverbial dance card.

Top Picks:

Wrap tops may have full length sleeves or none whatsoever. The distinctive look is the lower neckline and the contour of the fabric .These types of tops are great for disguising bulges at the waist line. The wrap around naturally makes you appear slimmer by giving you curves. By wearing it a little loosely you hide that conspicuous roll. If you have an athletic body look to a jersey wrap or a ruched wrap -- both give you shape where you need it most (this is particularly flattering if you have a rectangular body). By tying the wrap in front, you bring greater attention to your waist yet still get the slimming advantage too. Just for the fun of it, try tying it on one side too for a whole different look and feel.

If you want to accentuate your bust line, the V-neck of a plus size wrap top does all the work for you. This helps women who aren’t overly curvy up top drawing attention to your face and neck. If, however, you find the plunging line of a wrap top uncomfortable, just toss on a camisole and you’re good to go!

In terms of fabric cotton seems to be the “go to” cloth for plus size wrap tops. Cotton is a particularly smart choice for pregnant women who want shirts that breath and that adjust to pregnancy’s on-going physical changes. Put on a drop necklace and pretty shoes and you’ll be perfectly ready for an evening on the town.

Other  fabrics that feature heavily in plus size designs include silk. These appeal to women who love soft cloth on their skin. They are a little pricy, however and require hand washing unlike a cotton blend that you can just toss in the washer.

Linen is a third option, but it takes some time to get these broken in. The good part is that they’re supportive and wash up beautifully.

Overall plus size wrap tops make a wonderful addition to nearly any wardrobe. Get several in different colors and cuts. Watch for ones that have pretty neckline accents.  For the most part this is a relatively frugal investment for all the wear you’ll get out of it.

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