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Plus Size Skinny Jeans

At first glance you may think that the concept of plus size skinny jeans is a contradiction in possible fashion fusions. They're not. Skinny jeans also sometimes called cut and fit jeans have designs intended to fit snugly - not too tightly. Most brands use stretch denim for this purpose so the fabric forgives those normal changes in body weight while also keeping the overall feel of the pants comfortable.

Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans create the illusion of a longer, narrower silhouette. This may be why the vast majority come in dark hues like midnight blue and black. These pants have no illusion of being stressed - sleek is the thing along with fitting your body in all the right places. For plus size women with closets full of boots, you now have the perfect vehicle for showing off those beauties. Additionally many plus sized women end up in plusses due to long legs - this is another attribute that skinny jeans accentuate. If you're a smaller statue never fear, you can still wear skinny jeans so long as you find a pair that fits just right.

The basic rules for buying plus size skinny jeans begins with the length. Remember that they're intended for nifty shoes or boots, and you'll need that length for either proposition. As you're trying on the pants look for wrinkles - that is a sign that the particular cut or design is one that doesn't suit your body. Try alternatives since the whole idea behind skinny jeans is keeping that clean line going.

Next comes the sitting test. If you cannot sit down without parts hanging over or your bottom sneaking out, they're too small. Look for high rise for the latter problem and a more forgiving waist for the former. Note that the button, snap or zipper of the pants should lie flat whether sitting or standing as should pockets, or opt for an elastic waist.

Speaking of elastic waists, they are a Godsend if your waist and hips are different sizes. If that describes you, you'll come closer to a perfect fit if you go for the elastic.

Another good test is bending or crouching. Do the pants move with you or do you feel like you've been poured into a vice grip? Again, the necessity for comfort can't be overstressed. If you're not comfortable in skinny jeans they probably LOOK like you're uncomfortable when you wear them.

In shopping, you'll have no problems finding lines that include plus size skinny jeans. Trusted names like American Eagle and Levi are both in the game. Other popular choices include Baby Phat, Jessica London, Truck Jeans, Torrid, Romans and Z. Cavaricci.

There is no question that skinny plus size jeans give you the chance to show off your curves and feel sexy. A good fit, however, isn't “over the top” with its message. It's a feast for the eyes of appreciative souls who like a full-bodied female that appreciates her form.

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