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Plus Size Levi Jeans

Plus Size Levi Jeans are widely available and very popular with plus size ladies for casual blue jeans. Unless you live on a deserted island the word "Levis" is nearly synonymous with jeans.

Founded in 1853, Levi Strauss built the jean industry from the ground up, including plus size levi jeans. The name "Levi" is highly recognizable and trusted in the apparel world. As a testament to this truth, Levis have a permanent exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum that started in 1864.

Plus Size Levi Jeans

Overall, the value of Levis, both old and new, continues to thrive. One interesting note in Levi history is that it remains a private firm that's strongly involved in the community, particularly in philanthropic endeavors. Looking at Levi's plus size jeans specifically, they offer women-with-curves a classic jean look that's both casual and striking.

There's something truly catching about the Levi cut that continues to outshine fancier brands. Let's face it, sometimes you just want a high quality, dependable pair of jeans that don't scream "fashion show" but do hug your body in all the right places. That's where plus size Levi jeans really shine. Levi hasn't limited it's plus size styles either. There are several currently available, one of which is sure to capture both your taste and your lifestyle perfectly.

Levi numbers its jean lines - this makes shopping very easy once you get "your number"! Take, for example, the 504 Trouser Flare Levi's - this pair of pants reflects trendy style with a vintage edge. It's like the best of the old and the new school in jeans wearing.

Or you could try the 512 Perfectly Slimming Levi line. The fabric in these jeans gives your body slimming support exactly where you need it. Yet these are so comfortable you can wear them all day long without once feeling like you're being pinched.

A third option is the 515 boot cut. These are a scant low rise jean that gives just enough. They have a slimming quality without being skin tight. If you want to add to the illusion of long legs, grab those pumps from the closet and put them on with the 515's.  For something more relaxed, you can try the 550 relaxed boot cut Levi's instead. The bottom of this boot cut isn't tapered so they easily fall over the top of your boots without a struggle.

We're not done yet! If you have curves along your hips, backside and thigh, then the 580 defined waist jeans are about to become an essential. The cut of these jeans is so that you experience no gapping or puckering. The waistband is just a smidge below your waist line, giving you greater definition. On the other hand if your problem is belly and waist weight, then move up to the 590 Fuller Waste bootcut Levi with a midrise waist.

Last but not least we have the 542 Arcuate Trouser Flare, or Signature Mid Rise Boot Cut jeans. 542s have a lower front and a higher waste in the back. This gives you a little more room through the hip and thighs along with a flared bottom that draws the eye. By comparison the Signature Mid Rise Boot Cut plus size Levi jeans are great for nearly any social occasion, being stylish stretch, hand-sanded denim. You can't go wrong!

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