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Plus Size Tall Jeans

Tall women know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans. Many of us end up looking at plus size tall jeans due to either having long legs or a long torso that creates awkward sizing configurations. And while the producers of plus size clothing have really begun to embrace the denim revolution, it can still be very hard to find just the right jeans that show off your figure comfortably and confidently.

Plus Size Tall Jeans

A good pair of tall jeans will play off your best features, so how do you go about choosing that star quality product? The first step is to remove yourself from normal size conventions. Plus size clothing, particularly designer lines, never have the exact same size guidelines. Know your hip and waist measurements and compare them with each pair you are considering. Before long you'll have that Ah HA Moment where the basics of brand, designer and how they mark the product all come together.

There are some good rules to buying jeans that you can keep in mind. First bigger is not better. Sometimes its tempting to hide your body behind baggy clothing. Truthfully that doesn't help. When you find proper fitting jeans, you'll discover they don't exaggerate your plus size body at all - rather they celebrate all the best attributes of it. One good illustration for tall women are skinny jeans - you want to show off those legs? WOW!

For ladies out there that have more of an apple shape body, you can use embroidered pockets on jeans that attract people's eyes to your legs and hips instead of your midsection. You could even consider capri jeans for this purpose, particularly with a killer pair of shoes and a great pedicure! Avoid plus size tall jeans that have low waists, and if you feel you need it some brands have built in tummy control. Note this doesn't mean an elastic waistband either - it's just an insert similar to control top hose.

For pear shaped bodies just the opposite is true. Look to jeans that reach just to your waist line and avoid the high back. You may even be able to go a little lower into hipsters depending on your overall shape. The stretch fabric tall jeans still make a good companion for your wardrobe because they're comfortable and give you a wide range of mobility.

Tall and plus size? No problem! Plus size tall jeans are slowly becoming more and more available. Take a little time to shop around and find the price and style that you like the most.

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