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Plus Size Seven Jeans

Plus size women used to wear men's jeans just so the pants fit even remotely, and even then the look was way off. A woman with curves still wants to look like a women and may be hoping to find plus size seven jeans because they're so popular. Many of today's most stylish manufacturers are starting to branch out, but not all. It's important to know your clothing line so you don't get frustrated.

Plus Size Seven Jeans

In looking for Plus Size Seven Jeans, there are two different brands you be searching for.  One brand, called Seven7 is a brand of designer jeans carried by several online retailers and is very popular with plus size ladies.

The other brand you may be looking for is 7 For all Mankind, which unfortunately doesn't make plus size jeans.

7 was founded in the year 2,000 by Peter Koral. Since then these denims have appeared on the rich and famous, particularly in the Hollywood scene. The line for women has rich fabrics and a look that makes them feel like you're getting ready for a luxury dance party. Not stopping with jeans, 7 has since expanded into shirts, dresses, jackets and even a lines of children's clothing. The designers for this firm have been selected for their aptitude with fabrics, style trends, and overall premium branding.

The original focus in 7 jeans was the zero-sized woman, with a tight fitting jean that came in a vintage look. Some designs include embroidery on pockets, and styles include A pockets, wide leg, flare, and bootcut. Unfortunately, despite what you come up with in Google responses, plus size seven jeans do not really seem to be “plus” sized at all. The highest size on their website is a 14, specifically the Kimmie Curvy series of jeans, and while that may work for some curvy women, it won't cut the mustard for many others.

Nonetheless, taking a look at 7 for all Mankind can give you some really creative ideas for shopping other designers who have literally “gone big or gone home!” 7's cutting edge eye on fashion can help you choose and accessorize any designer jeans in such a way to really accentuate the positive. Take a peek at the cuts and flairs then seek out other designers and manufacturers who do offer TRUE plus size jeans. These include well-known names like Levi, Kalvin Kelin, and Gloria Vanderbilt along with Svoboda, Catherines, Mossimo, Just my Size, Gitano and Old Navy just to name a few.

Now for those customers who would really love to see 7 for all Mankind turn out a line that truly fit “all mankind” – why not drop them a letter encouraging just that?

The snail mail address is: 7 For All Mankind Customer Service 2346 E. Pacifica Place Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

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