Plus Size Leggings

Trendy Plus Size Leggings have been popular for several seasons and will continue to be in fashion for at least this season and next. The huge assortment of plus size tunics on the market make it easy to look great and trendy in leggings.

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size Leggings Fashion Tips:

For the most flattering look in leggings:

  • Make sure your top comes below the largest part of your bottom (especially for pear shapes).
  • Make sure your cropped leggings end below the largest part of your calf.
  • If you are pear shaped or bottom heavy, stick with dark solid colors.
  • For the most slenderizing look, go with the same color top and bottom (like in the photo below). Head to toe black, navy blue, dark gray or chocolate brown is always slenderizing.
Plus Size Leggings

Styles of Plus Size Leggings:

Basic Plus Size Leggings

Basic Plus Size Leggings
Basic leggings are usually black or a dark color, plain and made of knit with spandex to make them stretchy. In the summer white leggings are also popular. They are very comfortable to wear and can be very flattering when worn with a top that accentuates your positives. They show off your curves while providing some shaping support. I was so thrilled when leggings came back in style a few years ago and I hope they are hear to stay. Basic leggings are generally inexpensive and easy to find. They are generally worn with flat shoes or sandals, with ballet flats being the "classic" look. Some retailers offer them in petite and tall lengths.

Trendy Plus Size Leggings

Trendy Plus Size Leggings
Trends in leggings include lace leggings, animal and other prints, bright colors like neon pink and even those with a leather look, sometimes called pleather or liquid leggings. Other trends include novelty touches such as zippers or studs at the hem. It is very trendy to wear legging with high heels now, a look that has been resurrected from the 1980s. In the winter it is very fashion forward to wear boots over leggings - everything from ankle boots to knee high and beyond.

Novelty print plus size leggings

Novelty Print Leggings
Novelty prints (comics and other abstract prints) are quite trendy right now for teens and others who are "young at heart"!  Wear these when you want to get noticed - wear a solid color top so you aren't overdone.  These are a great way to call attention to your legs.

Plus Size Jeggings

Plus Size Jeggings, Plus Size Denim Leggings
are stretch denim leggings that look like jeans and fit like leggings. These have become very popular over the last couple of seasons. They are very comfortable and flattering to wear. They can be worn casual dressed up. You can find capri length denim leggings for the spring and summer. White denim capri leggings are a great look for the summer.

Plus Size Exercise Leggings

Plus Size Exercise Leggings
Almost any basic legging can double as an exercise pant. Just make sure they have spandex. A cotton and spandex knit should be better at keeping you body cool and dry than a polyester or nylon blend.

Plus Size Capri Leggings

Plus Size Capri Leggings, Plus Size Cropped Leggings
Shorter lengths have become a staple for spring and summer. They look great and are much cooler than full length pants or jeans. You can find capri and cropped leggings in the basic colors - black, white, navy blue and also in denim, including black and white denims.

Plus Size Leggings are great year round, but are especially popular in cooler weather. The good news is with a little know-how you can wear leggings at any time of year without accentuating the wrong parts of your body. The manufacturers of leggings are offering a variety of colors and patterns easily paired with various tops for everything from a lunch with friends to a night on the town

Step one to choosing your leggings is the look of your legs. If you have long legs, you can wear full length or ankle length pairs easily and stress your long body line. This is also true for women who have thicker legs and want to down play them. In both cases you can add a dress or matching top that goes to mid-thigh for a very nice finished look. For accessories consider basic flats - nothing flashy, just functional (black is great because it's an all-occasion color). If you want something a little more showy, look to a classic, brown or black ankle boot.

Ladies with short statures should avoid knee length leggings as that does nothing for adding length to your appearance. Another hint across the board is avoiding patterned leggings. Stick with the plus size mantra: dark, simple colors. The best part about using that tip is that you'll have leggings that match nearly all of your wardrobe.

If you're concerned about the plus size leggings looking lumpy, then you definitely want to find ones that have stretch fabric that holds in place. The right microfiber like Coolmax not only holds a shape but also keeps you warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather. Another example is the Supplex line such as is found in Danskin products.

When considering what tops to wear with your leggings you may want to try a few looks. You could use an oversized top belted below the hip to increase your body line, for example. Long cardigans that utilize light fabric are also a good choice. And, there's always the option of a dress, tied to the rest of your outfit by long strands of beads for a hint of playful sass. Remember, however, to avoid things like t-shirts with leggings. They are not slacks and certain looks aren't attractive on anyone unless you're heading for a workout.

Shop around for good quality plus size leggings and once you buy them avoid putting them in your dryer unless it's a 'rush job'. Dryers break down the elastic and other microfibers in many leggings, so taking this small step helps your clothing last a long time.

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