Plus Size Swimsuits

Shopping for a Plus Size Swimsuits can be a challenge!  Most ladies want to avoid the "standard issue black Women's Plus Size tank suit".  The good news is there is an ever growing selection available! 


2020 Plus Size Swimsuit Trends


Plus Size Swimsuit trends styles for this summer include sporty or athletic inspired styles, suits with cut-outs (or peek-a-boo) areas and retro/vintage inspired styles.  We are starting to see more and more two-piece suits and bikinis in plus sizes.  Trendy colors for this season are fuchsia, lime green and turquoise blue.   Bold floral prints and geometric and ethnic prints are hot.  Black and white prints remain popular, especially when they include a splash of one of the trendy colors.  I'm also seeing lots of polka dots this season.

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Plus Size Swim Dresses

are one of the most, if not the most, popular style in Women's Plus Size Swimwear. Swim dresses come to the top of the thighs and provide a little extra coverage than other styles.  While the most popular style in swim dresses seems to be the empire waist, there are many different styles available.


Plus Size Tankinis

A Tankini is a swimsuit with a hip length top and either a regular swim suit bottom, swim shorts or a swim skirt.  There is a great selection available and these can be very comfortable and flattering.


Plus Size Swimsuit Coverups

 Choosing a great swimsuit cover-up can make a world of difference in how you look and feel when you are in public wearing swimwear.  See all the different types and styles.


Sexy Plus Size Swimwear

If you need Sexy Plus Size Swimwear, there are plenty to choose from. Pick a style that flatters your favorite parts and diminishes your least favorite. Here are my top picks for the best sexy Plus Size Bathing Suits.


Plus Size Halter Swimsuit

is a great option if you are looking for something a little different - something that shows off your shoulders and draws attention to your face and upper body. They can be found in one piece suits, swim dresses, two piece tankinis and separates. 


Plus Size Underwire Swimsuits

 If you need added support these are not plentiful, they do exist.  Here are the current styles that are available.


Plus Size Jogger Swimsuits

provide the look of a tank swimsuit with jogging shorts.  This is a great sporty look that provides extra coverage!  A traditional jogger swimsuit is a one-piece with the attached shorts. These are not very plentiful, but you can achieve the same look by ...


Plus Size Swim Separates

are great if you need different sizes on the top and bottom or want to customize your own look.  You can pick your favorite top and then add a regular swimsuit bottom, shorts or a swim skirt. 


Plus Size Swim Shorts

are a wonderful option to provide comfort and modesty. They are flattering on almost any figure type.  Swim shorts can be found as separates, as jogger style one-piece swimsuits and most commonly in the two piece tankini style. 


How to choose the best style Women's Plus Size Swimwear for your body type.

When shopping for Swimwear, I think shopping for your body shape is more important than when buying any other item.  Here are my suggestions for making the best purchases.


Discount Plus Size Swimwear

No question, plus size swimwear can be quite pricey!  Discount on swimsuits can be hard to find.  By the time the sales have appeared, the selection has disappeared.  Here is a great place to save money on your swimwear!


One Shoulder Plus Size Swimsuit

Shopping Guide:


Polka Dot Plus Size Swim Dress

Amazon has only plus size swimwear and it has a massive selection!  You should start your search here - you'll probably find what you are looking for.  They have all the styles - tanks, tankinis, swim dresses, cover-ups - you name it.  There is an impressive list of designers - Anne Cole, Carol Wior, Delta Burke, It Figures, Jessica Simpson, Kenneth Cole, Longitude, Miraclesuit and many more.

Plus Size Halter Skirtini

Plus Size Halter Skirtini

Swimsuits For All has a very impressive selection of plus size swim suits - including many name brands such as Delta Burke. 

Plus Size Swim Separates

Plus Size Swim Separates

Avenue has an impressive selection of moderately priced plus size swim suits  and swimwear and accessories in sizes 14 to 32. 

Women's Plus Size Swimwear Top Picks:

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