Plus Size Special Occasion

Shopping For Plus Size Special Occasion Wear can be both intimidating and challenging.  It's finding the right style for the event in a color you love, and at the same time expressing your own unique personality.  Once you have found something that is new, different and unexpected, wear it with confidence knowing you look as special as the occasion.

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

The search for a plus size special occasion outfit starts here.

Above and beyond everything, style and fit are the most important factors.  If a plus size special occasion outfit doesn't have style, you are never going to enjoy wearing it.  If you feel like the dress is wearing you instead of you wearing the dress, the fit is not right for you.  Take a look at these fashions that are just waiting for fabulous accessories, noticeable shoes and a purse that is as unique as you.  

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses
Long Dresses - Finding a perfect plus size dress for a special occasion is not always an easy task.   How do you know what to choose?

Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Plus Size Cocktail Dresses
Short dresses are available year round online.  Whether you prefer sleek black cocktail dresses or a burst of color that is vibrant or subtle, take a look at the selection here.

Plus Size Black Dress

Plus Size Black Dresses
Start your search for the perfect plus size little black dress here.  Black dresses are appropriate for almost any occasion and with a smart choice, can become a fabulous, timeless staple in your wardrobe.

Plus Size Cocktail Pants Suits

Plus Size Cocktail Pants Suits
are by definition reserved for special occasions.  If you are dressing for a wedding, tropical cruise, or any formal event, pants suits are more popular than ever.  There are great options that range from classic styles to those with sequins and glamour.

Women's Plus Size Formal Suits

Plus Size Formal Suits
are a great option for weddings, dinner parties, dressier business dinner meetings, or anytime you need to dress up, but still prefer a suit. 

Plus Size Beaded Tops

Plus Size Beaded Tops
can be a great option for special occasions.  Consider adding a beaded top to a skirt or pants that you already own to expand your wardrobe and stay in budget.

Plus Size Special Occasion Pants

Plus Size Special Occasion Pants
Palazzo Pants are wide leg pants that are perfect for special occasions.  The flowing style of palazzo pants will make your outfit stand out even more.  Some of these pants are designed with layers and slits to add additional style.

Plus Size Special Occasion Fashion Tips

My first suggestion is to go with a style that flatters your body style.  If you are heavier on the bottom, go for a dress that has a fitted bodice and a higher, or even empire waist. If you carry most of your weight around the middle, choose something that shows off your great legs.  If you have the coveted hourglass shape, find a dress that flaunts your beautiful curves.  To downplay certain features look to dark colors and balance in your clothing. For example, if you happen to be well-endowed, a dress with a full skirt helps draw the eyes downward to give you a symmetrical look.

Plus Size Special Occasion Dress

I know it is tempting to stick with black, and most of the time it is hard to go wrong with black, but at least consider a beautiful color.  Bright vivid colors or subtle pastel shades are certainly a way to express yourself.  If you don't know your best colors, or if you are "cool" or "warm", here is a primer on which colors would look best on you.

Plus Size Special Occasion Black Dress

What part of your body do you want to show off?

Neckline:  Off the shoulder dress, V-neckline or strapless dress or pantset

Arms:  Short, sleeveless, halter style or strapless dress or pantset

Legs:  Cocktail dress with heels

Curves:  Fitted dress

Waist:  Princess line or empire line dresses

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

What to Wear?

Informal Setting:

No need for satin and lace, go with the comfort of a cotton skirt.


Clothing options for a celebration at work depend a lot on your normal attire in that setting. Keep it professional, well-tailored, and low-glitz.


This is where you can be as flashy and playful as you want. Take a look at pictures from the club where you're going to get some ideas (then dare to be different!)

Evening dresses:

Go with a longer dress that moves with you with a few sparkling highlights.


Bright and cheerful but not too clingy, and avoid ruffles.


Careful girl, no showing up the bride. Pick a comfortable dress (its going to be a long day).

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

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