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Lee Plus Size Jeans

The name "Lee" is a giant in the international jean industry, including lee plus size jeans. The company first became multi-national in the 1960s. This boost them into the enviable position of leading the women's jean market, particularly for their plus size styles. Unlike some companies with very limited options, Lee offers plus size jeans in everything from a Capri, crop, stretch denim, distressed look, boot cuts, and old-fashioned hippy bells.

Lee Plus Size Jeans

Here's a neat fact, the founder of Lee jeans (Henry David) also invented denim overalls and a version of a fly zipper that really worked. And while that was a century ago, there's nothing old or outmoded about today's plus size Lee line – it's fresh, and really focused on full bodied women who want to show off those curves.

Let's take a closer look at Lee's offerings starting with the natural fit Lee Plus. If you're looking for classic jeans this is a fantastic cut that offers an added benefit. The pants have tummy control built right in. This makes your stomach look thinner while still giving you plenty of leg room. This is a semi-stretch jean that gives just enough without that skin tight visual impact.

Alternatively you could try the Comfort Waist Straight Leg style. This has elastic hidden in the waist but it's basically invisible, and so comfortable you'll never realize it's even there. You can get these either in bootcut or straight classic leg.

A third option that also has classic appeal is the Relaxed Fit Stretch Lee. This pair of jeans is designed to sit exactly at your waist, accentuating the positive with a little pocket embroidery. Think of this as your wear-anywhere pair of lee plus size jeans.

Fourth we come to One True Fit Lee Jeans. True to the name the One True Fit line has women designers who made these pants with other women in mind. They aim is for your comfort without losing great looks.

The last two offerings in plus size Lee jeans are the side elastic and slender secret. The side elastic sounds just like it is. Rather than having an all elastic waistband that bunches, the elastic at the sides provides very close to custom fitting. This is a very soft style denim meant for casual comfort. By comparison, Slender Secret kicks things into a playful party mode. With these you get tummy control, back flaps, and all the appeal of stretch plus jeans including embroidered pockets for a pair of Lee plus size jeans you can dress up for nearly any occasion.

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