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Plus Size Designer Jeans

You get online and start researching plus size designer jeans. Suddenly you're barraged with mega jean terminology, some of which makes no sense to you. The world of style is filled with wordiness: yokes and frays, distressed and vintage - when all most people want to know is how to find a pair of decent designer jeans that fit your life and your personal tastes.

Plus Size Designer Jeans

Let's start with the basics: sizes. It seems that every designer has up to an inch in length and two inches in waist variances. That means what fits you from one line won't necessarily fit from another designer. In plus size jeans in particular the pants often have some generous leeway, so your size tag says something delightfully smaller than you anticipated. The overall emotional impact should be obvious, but if you don't know this you can be tricked into paying more for a pair of jeans just because you feel good about the size chart.

This size variation helps denim manufacturers focus on specific demographics to whom they plan on marketing. Some of these sections of society have body types that can "take it to the bank" from a marketing perspective if the branding is right. Just like make up and accessories - there is no one designer or brand that makes everyone happy, so these little size variances also help create customer loyalty.

What this means is when you really want to buy plus size designer jeans it's time to hustle the bustle and do some serious trying on with various brand labels. Find out what each designer does with comfort fit, the use of stretch fabrics, the overall line of the jean, and most importantly how it looks on YOU. Also check to see if the jeans have been pre-shrunk. If not, you're going to have to make allowances. Buy a pair that gives you 1" extra at the bottom. If the waist remains too large after a hot water wash, have it professionally altered for a better fit.

When you're shopping online one of the best ways to insure you get the right sized pants is to have accurate measurements. You'll want your hip size, waist, and inseam. Compare these measurements to any sizing charts provided by the manufacturer. Do not trust charts that are generic - you need designer specific size equivalents here or you're likely to be disappointed.

Owning a pair of plus size designer jeans can create a great addition to your wardrobe. They're fashionable and give your body a whole different look than most casual wear allows. Just shop smart and find a pair that's comfortable. You want to be able to sit, stand and stir up the dance floor equally well in whatever brand you finally buy.

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