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Women's Plus Size Formal Suits

Plus Size Formal Suits

While not a plentiful as some other items, there is a fairly decent selection online.   Many of the special occasion suits are dresses and a jacket.

One option, unless you want to be really dressy, is to dress up a regular suit with a dressy blouse, heels, jewelry and accessories.  But if you want to go all out with your suit, here are the best choices.

There’s a holiday or celebration happening somewhere and you realize your formal wear is a little outdated. Having plus size formal suits is a great way to round out your wardrobe for those special occasions that inevitably crop up just when your size changes. We aren’t talking necessarily about a business suit, but something that’s truly classic and also highlights your lifestyle and personality. Mind you it's ok to put together an ensemble that offers you flexibility too.

Unlike eras past, it’s ok to mix and match your formal wear from various different manufacturers. One good pair of neutral colored pants can combine with a formal top and well-pressed jacket easily. Add a few favored accessories and you’re good to go nearly anywhere!

Top Picks:

Plus size formal suits should have a hint of authority. Pinstripes are a great choice for trousers because they make your frame look longer. Combine that with a solid colored jacket then add a pop of color with your blouse or shirt. No fuss; no muss!

By the way, you have a lot of choices in jackets. Some have no buttons, others have several, and the buttons can add a decorative touch. What’s nice about a no-button style is that you can wear a sleek belt and give your waist line more contour. Plus size formal suits are perfect for any time of the day too. Really if you want to look and feel great, slip it on with confidence. Fashion designers are really fleshing out the plus size market – so you’ll have plenty options from which to choose.
Straight legged pants look fantastic with slightly longer formal jackets. Again, this is an easy way to give the appearance of being taller. Combine this look with a scoop top featuring jewels or beads and the final combination sends a message of subtle elegance. If you want to wear a simpler top, then find a jacket that has decorations or a scarf that rounds out your theme. 

When thinking about plus size formal suits, remember that there are a lot of fabrics from which to choose. A chiffon set gives you a lot of movement and a hint of whimsy while something in cotton has a more fresh-pressed feel.

No matter your decision a formal suit adds great flair to your wardrobe. You don’t have to do much in the way of proverbial styling when you choose a suit thoughtfully. Just add the right shirt and a hint of jewelry and head out for that night on the town. It’s the perfect choice for a polished appearance no matter the occasion.

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