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Plus Size Black Dresses

Plus Size Black Dresses

Sometimes only Plus Size Black Dresses will do!  Black dresses are appropriate for almost any occasion and with a smart choice, can be a very flattering staple in your wardrobe.

Every lady should have at least one "go to" black dress for unexpected events or when you just can't figure out what to wear.  The right dress can take you from business to semi-formal with a change in jewelry, accessories, hose, shoes, hair and makeup. 

The proverbial "little black dress" is a must in any woman's wardrobe. However, even though black is slimming, some thought must be put into finding the best plus size black dress for your body shape. You want something that shows off your curves without pointing out the little flaws you don't like.

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Find Your Perfect Plus Size Black Dress

What NOT to buy:

Thankfully with a one-color dress you don't have to worry about those terrible prints and patterns that often appear on plus size clothing. However, buying black only helps so much. You do not want dresses with big belts or bows at the waist line unless that's where you want to draw people's eyes. In fact, you might want to try an empire waistline instead. I also do not recommend opting for something that's "trendy" unless you want to pay a fortune and get to wear the dress only once or twice. Stick with something that has classic lines. If you wish, vintage is one nice solution. Full skirts are wonderfully flattering because they move with you.

The sleeve design is up to you. Most plus size women aren't happy with their upper arms, so you will likely want to avoid strapless dresses. Even if its summer you can try something with even a half cap to cover just enough to make you comfortable. Or, if you fall in love with a strapless dress, toss on a bright shawl.

Plus Size Black Dress

Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Black Dress

If you know your body type then it's not difficult to choose the perfect plus size black dress. If your body is bottom heavy, you want a dress that's loose and full at the bottom. Focus on a fitted top to flatter your upper body. Other hints include: 

For women who have short legs, try a stretchy dress in rich fabric. Avoid round necklines - look for dresses with a strong vertical line. 
The length of your little black dress depends greatly on the occasion and whether you want to show of your legs. Go slightly longer if you don't like your legs (and use something on your upper body to draw attention away - like a unique pin or off the shoulder cut). 
To detract from a heavy waste, try a dress that has a low waste line or none at all. 
Upper body full figured women can wear square necklines quite nicely - just avoid clingy fabrics.

Plus Size Black Maxi Dress


Just because you're wearing black doesn't mean you can't add splashes of color to your outfit with scarves, purses and other accessories. Consider looking for an item the color of your eyes. That will help tie your makeup, dress, and accessories all together, and encourage admiring glances at your face.

The plus size black dress is perfect for every season and nearly every occasion. You can dress them up or down with simple touches like the right pair of shoes. Take your time and search for a dress that fits your body type and makes you feel both beautiful and comfortable.

There are few things more iconic in a woman's wardrobe than the proverbial "little black dress" even if it's a plus size black dress! This is one of the things that's incredibly useful in so many different situations that it's well worth spending a few extra dollars to get the perfect one to round out your clothing.

Now, it's certainly not difficult to find a plus size dress any more, but finding one that really flatters your specific figure is a whole different matter. In general a black dress that hangs to your knee or just below creates the illusion of thinness and height, both of which offset any of those curves with which you may not be happy.

You also want to look for a dress that has a year-round fabric blend like cotton. Cotton is durable, washable and looks wonderful on plus size women because it won't cling in places where it doesn't belong. The other benefit to cotton is that it can look casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize. This gives your dress a wider range of applications from a light lunch to a night on the town.

Whether or not you get a plus size black dress with embellishments is really a personal choice. If you decide for embroidery, seed pearls or whatever make sure the "look" is still one that you can use in more than one setting. I often prefer to forego the pre-made bling and add my own based on the occasion.

So what about the cut of the dress? If you have a long neckline, look for a black dress with a square neckline. Shorter necked women look better with a V neckline as it creates the illusion of a longer line. No matter your neck, however, one nearly 100% successful cut in a "little black dress" is the A line. It's one of the few universals in plus size clothing on which everyone can depend. This is also a very classic line not likely to go out of style any time soon!

What about sleeves? Long sleeves are nice for evenings, fall and winter. But if you want a year- round plus size black dress, consider going with sleeveless or short sleeves. You can always add a sharp jacket (that hangs at your hips), a delicate drape shawl or a snuggly black sweater when the temperature's a little colder.

To finish things off get a pair of black medium-heel shoes that match the black in your dress. Now all that's left is whatever jewelry you want to wear to make the look complete.

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