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Plus Size Mother of Bride

The Plus Size Mother of Bride wants to look and feel beautiful on this incredible occasion. They key is finding the perfect dress and accessories. We’ve come a long way from the days when you’d try to squeeze yourself into a girdle to go to your daughter's wedding. This is such a special days, but most moms, especially if they're over 50, have curves.

Plus Size Mother of Bride

Step one in shopping is finding a dress in the right color theme. Now, perhaps the exact colors chosen for your daughter's wedding aren't perfect against your skin. That's ok – you can use a variation or a combination. For example, it may be that green makes you look green (literally). In this case look for a two-tone dress with a cream colored top and a green base. This way you can still compliment the wedding party and look your best. Or, you can consider using the bridal colors as accent points in your outfit (earrings, belt, shoes, hat). The accents still tie everyone together visually without putting you into an outfit that is uncomplimentary.

Step two is thinking about fabric. Thick, heavy fabrics do not complement plus size women even if they're black. Instead seek out fabrics that have movement to them. You don't want your dress to cling, but you also don't want to look like you're wearing a shapeless bag.

It may take time to find the best combination of fabric and color for the Plus Size Mother of Bride, so give yourself plenty of time. That window for shopping will help you find a bargain too!

What about custom dresses?

A custom dress or one that is tailored might solve a lot of problems. No woman's body is cookie cutter. On one off the rack piece the top might be perfect but the waist or sleeves all wrong. If you have a dress made or tailored you know its going to fit you well and be comfortable. Additionally, if you choose wisely this outfit will be one you can use for other special occasions going forward. Check out House of Brides for reasonably priced customized gowns.

Other Hints for Picking a Dress / Design:

A Plus Size Mother of Bride shouldn't wear anything that overshadows her daughter in terms of color. Generally mature colors like brandy and midnight blue are good choices. Dark colors distract from the parts of your body that you don't like. It should also be noted that the mother of the brides dress need NOT be a dress at all. You could consider a sharply cut pantsuit instead, for example. See Cocktail Pant Suits, Special Occasion Suits and Special Occasion Short Dresses for more ideas.

To your overall ensemble make sure to find choose that are comfortable – you're going to be on your feet a lot today. Don some of the jewelry that has a family history without being too flashy, and pick out a small sensible purse that will hold tissues and other minor necessities. All of these touches will tie your outfit together into something that makes you look your best for the whole wedding day.

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