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Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Finding perfect Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses is not always an easy task.
The fashion market has slowly, but surely become aware of the voluptuous women and the market they represent. Plus Size women are tired of wearing gunny sacks and hiding their curves. They want plus size special occasion dresses that celebrate every inch of personal style. But how do you know what to pick?

Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Here are some tips to get you started:

Single color dresses that work with your eyes and complexion are always a good option for de-emphasizing parts of your body that may be bulky

Buy well-fitting dresses but not clingy ones (avoid anything that highlights tummy rolls for example)

To look taller and thinner use vertically lined dresses and 1” high heels (or higher)

Choose a conservative V neckline. You don’t need to advertise those assets more than they do for themselves.

Do not pick dresses with short jackets unless your bottom is your favorite feature

Remember that a dress is not a stand-alone item. No matter how great the dress if you add huge earrings or oversized purses to it, you’ll ruin the whole look.

Top Picks:

(These are the top picks for long floor length Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses. To see the Short Special Occasion Dress Plus Size top picks, go to Plus Size Cocktail Dresses.)

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