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Women's Plus Size Swimwear
Shopping by Body Shape

When shopping for Women's Plus Size Swimwear, I think shopping for your body shape is more important when buying swimwear than any other item.

Women's Plus Size Swimwear

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty darn vulnerable when I have to go into public in a swimsuit (especially if it is around people I know!).  I have learned that the right suit can make a huge difference in the way you look.  The right suit, in the right style in the right color can make you look great.  The wrong suit can make you look much worse and accentuate every inch and pound and exaggerate every figure flaw.

Here are my suggestions for making the best Womens Plus Size Swimwear purchases.

There is no doubt that a black suit will make you look slimmer.  I love black, it is my favorite color to wear because I think it is very flattering.  I would not hesitate to have a black swimsuit, but I would want it to be chic and very updated, so it didn't look frumpy or old-fashioned.  Any dark color will have the same effect as a black suit, so you may even consider dark brown, navy blue, dark green.

Apple Shapes should emphasize the bottom with color and prints and minimize the top or choose straight cut suits that skim and elongate the trunk.   If you have great legs, show them off with medium to high-cut legs. Look for suits with wide straps and/or square necks to narrow broad shoulders. Avoid low cut necks and tank style suits - they will emphasize the difference in the top and bottom. 

Pear Shapes should emphasize the upper body.  A skirtini or tankini (with shorts) are the most flattering because the conceal the dreaded upper thighs.  High-cut legs will emphasize the hips and a regular tank suit will emphasize the disproportion of the top and bottom. 

Busty Shapes have larger bust in proportion to the rest of their body.  Minimize the bust by avoiding low-cut and strapless tops.  You will benefit from shopping by swimwear by cup size. 

Hourglass has the "ideal" balanced figure with balanced top and bottom and a defined waist.  These lucky girls can go with any style.

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