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Sexy Plus Size Swimwear

If you need Sexy Plus Size Swimwear, there are plenty to choose from.  Pick a style that flatters your favorite parts and diminishes your least favorite.


If you are pear shape, for example, you might choose a black swimdress (to minimize the bottom & conceal the thighs) with a sexy v-neck or halter top, to bring the attention to your upper body.

When I was choosing the top picks below, looking for the sexiest swimsuits available, I found I was really drawn to black. I guess it is akin to the Little Black Dress - sleek and elegant. And don't forget to add a sexy Plus Size Coverup. (I think Pareos are very sexy - I've included my favorites below.)

Top Picks:

Finding Your Perfect Sexy Plus Size Swimwear

There was a time that it was nearly impossible to find Sexy Plus Size Swimwear. Nearly everything looked like you were being wrapped in sackcloth , which only made you feel more self-conscious about your body. Swimwear should NOT be like that for anyone, no matter your body type.

Clothing designers have begun designing sexy plus size swimwear with body types in mind. For example, some suits feature firm halter tops that support everything properly combined with a contrasting skirting that covers problem areas for many full-bodied women.

Another great style is what’s called a false wrap. The movement in the fabric redirects on-lookers to your best features. These are very comfortable too.

Some other design features you may like include a Ruched top to show off your curves, prints like paisley that turn into camouflage and vertical lines that create the illusion of a slimmer you! What is most important in shopping for a sexy plus size swimsuit, however, is knowing how to match your body type to the suit. 

Do you have an hourglass shape? You probably want a sturdy halter top with heavy duty straps for secure fit. For the pear shaped woman, look for high cut suits or the skirted option discussed earlier this article. For voluptuous women there are now great suits with underwire or a built in bra.

If your waist is the sore spot, you want one piece suits, preferably with a belt and high cut legs. Watch for a piece that draws attention to your face and cleavage rather than your lower half. For patterns, vertical lines win. Similarly for bottom heavy woman you want slimming colors and patterns, along with a good fabric that holds its shape. Avoid small two pieces and go for a seamless one piece perhaps with a skirt.

For the plus size woman with a long torso a two piece creates an image you’ll enjoy. V neck or a square neckline are both good options on top and a smart, below the belly button bottom should do the trick. Alternatively find a one piece that has two colors (a dark solid on the bottom is best).

While you’re shopping, watch for solid-colored suits. Alternatively if there are large geometrics they should be only on one part of the overall swimwear. If you feel uncomfortable with the look of your shoulders avoid halter top swim ware. And by all means watch for fabrics that give like Lycra.

In choosing a sexy plus size swimsuit try to find a store where there’s a mix and match option. This has been a really great trend in the swimsuit industry. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as “one size” (or style) that “fits all.” Every woman’s body is different. The mix and match option helps you find the perfect top, bottom or cover up rather than being stuck with one part of a suit you hate. After that its just a matter of accessorizing, and off to the beach!

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