Plus Size Swim Shorts

Plus Size Swim Shorts

Plus Size Swim Shorts are a wonderful option to provide comfort and modesty.  They are flattering on almost any figure type.

Swim shorts can be found as separates, as jogger style one-piece swimsuits and most commonly in the two piece tankini style.  Tankinis with shorts are sometimes called shortinis or if they have short shorts, boytinis.  There is a decent, but not huge selection available.

During warm months having a good pair of plus size swim shorts comes in very handy. You want something solid that looks mature and functions effectively for the season. It’s time to toss away those rag-tag shorts and get something classic and fresh.

One of the first hints in buying the right plus size swim trunks is watching the length. You want a pair that come down to just above your knee, no further. This provides a slimming effect along with the illusion of being taller. Another important element in buying shorts is whom you plan to use them, and what matches your activities and personality.

Top Picks:

Sure there’s always the Hawaiian prints, but that playful pattern doesn’t really suit slightly more formal situations where you might still want to wear swim shorts (go from the meeting or lunch directly to the pool!). Consider getting one pair of brown or black shorts, and then feel free to go wild on other designs when you know you’re staying in laid-back settings.

Now take a good look at prospective shorts in terms of construction. Are they draw string? Do they snap? Or, do they offer the comfort of a forgiving elastic waist band? Really all three options work for the plus size body so get what feels right on you. Note, however that some plus size experts say to avoid the elastic waist if you want to de-emphasize that part of your body. Elastic tends to cinch and create over-flowing flab. If you must buy elastic get a pair of flat front trunks that only have the elastic in the back.

Review the way in which the seams are finished. Many swimwear designers use double seams for greater strength and security. Also consider whether the overall design offers you the flexibility to toss on a shirt and not have the ensemble look “thrown together.” Polo style shirts are one good option that come in a wide variety of colors and a similar diversity of price points. Oxford shirts also pair nicely with plus size swim shorts, and give you the option of having full arm coverage or just rolling up the sleeves.

Now let’s talk about potential swim trunk materials. Its easy to find spandex swim trunks, which offer fast drying. However, bear in mind that spandex blends are sensitive to both sun and chlorine so these wear thin far more quickly than plus size cotton swim shorts. Polyester is another option. It resists moisture but don’t dry as quickly as the nylon. Polyester is typically used in lose swim trunks vs. form fitting. A third material seen in swimwear is cotton blends. These tend to be heavy when wet, but they wash up easily and endure active lifestyles better than the spandex fabric.

Of course no beach-side wardrobe is complete without a few accessories. The most practical element to add to your shorts and closed-toe shoes. Open shoes leave your feet exposed to both sand and sun, the sand in particular being abrasive between your toes. One good suggestion that you can easily match to your shorts is the rather classic canvas shoe. These are very durable but also look good.

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