Plus Size Underwire Swimsuits


If you need the added support of a Plus Size Underwire Swimsuit, you may already know that while they are not plentiful, they do exist.

Here are the current styles that are available. Obviously the earlier in the season you shop, the better the selection. Many of these are Swim Separates, so you can pick your top and bottom separately - which is great if you need different sizes on the top and bottom.

Ten years you might have had trouble finding a plus size underwire swimsuit that was remotely flattering. Thankfully, plus size clothing has grown throughout the industry. Even with many more choices, however, many women do not know how to shop for the perfect swimwear that accents the positives and hides the rest.

How? Well it begins with an assessment of your body type. If you have thighs and a bottom that are larger than your upper body that’s a Pear-shape. Your best bet in an underwire suit is one that has a darker bottom and bright top. This attracts more attention toward your shoulders and neckline. Skirted designs can help with this shape too. In sharp contrast and apple-shaped woman needs to distract people from their shoulders, busts and tummy. In this case look for a suit made from slimming fabrics and ones that have brighter bottoms than tops.

Top Picks:

The hourglass figure is perhaps the most coveted particularly for beach gear. If you’ve got a great waist line show it off with a one piece brightly colored suit that has a mid-drift scarf or belt.  

Are you someone with large breasts? A plus size underwire swimsuit, particularly one with a built in bra, is perfect. Try halter styles with thick straps. Don’t give up support or comfort, and if you’re lucky you’ll find one with tummy control too. You could also try a Tankini but you won’t get as much support from it a one piece.

There are some simple rules of thumb when you’re looking at swimsuits. Darker colors are best for part of the body you want to downplay.  A high-cut suit gives the illusion of longer legs, and V necks naturally attract attention to your shoulders and face. Full figure women cannot go wrong with tummy control, but avoid suits that have horizontal stripes or that thinner characteristic gets lost completely.

If you don’t have the advantage of shopping in person, then you’re going to have to take your measurements before you buy.  Starting at the top, measure the fullest area of your chest. If its not a perfectly even number round up or down (whichever is closer). For example. If you’re bust is a 38 ¼” – use a 38, not a 39 for that measurement. If its 38 ¾” – move up to 39”. Follow by measuring your waist and torso (from the shoulder point down to your crotch). Write these numbers down. Bear in mind that if you’re getting a sports plus size underwire swimsuit they often have different numeric values for the size. A 41” bust equates to a woman’s dress size 16 and a competitive swimsuit size 40.

Hint: If you’re shopping for longevity suits made with spandex or chlorine resistant nylon stand the test of time. We will recommend rinsing your suit after every use. When the plus size underwire swimsuit starts feeling loose, it’s probably time to shop for a new one. 

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