Sun Dress

Plus Size Sundresses

Plus Size Sundresses are the perfect way to celebrate warmer weather.  Nothing says spring or summer like the perfect sun dress!

Plus Size Sundresses

The good news is they are available in abundance this season.  Prints are in and there are so many choices in dresses, along with solid colors and even color blocking.  There is also a good variety in lengths, from above the knee to maxi length.

Classic Style Plus Size Sundress

Traditional Plus Size Sundresses 

This is the most traditional style of sundress and what probably comes to mind for most people when they think of a sun dress. It is sleeveless, has an empire waist, a fuller skirt and is made of a bright floral print. This style is very flattering for anyone with a pear shape or a balanced figure.

Plus Size Beach Sundresses

Plus Size Beach Sundresses 
However, maybe this style comes to mind when you think about a sundress for the beach. It is also sleeveless, but has a more relaxed fit and is not fitted through the bodice. This is also the most flattering style for those with an apple shape - or who carry their weight above the waist. This style has a pretty neckline that falls straight into an a-line dress.

Plus Size Maxi Sundresses

Plus Size Maxi Sundresses 
With the continued popularity of plus size maxi dresses, you can even find a pretty sundress in a long length, which can be a great option if you are looking for a casual dress for a special occasion.

Plus Size Strapless Sundresses

Plus Size Strapless Sundresses 
Casual plus size strapless dresses are popular for the warmer months and a plus size strapless dress in a bright and colorful print can make a great alternative to the more traditional style.

White Plus Size SunDresses

White Plus Size SunDresses 

Plus Size White Dresses, especially those made of white eyelet, are also very popular and can look so pretty.

Plus Size SunDress with Shrug

Tips for Plus Size Sundresses 

A shrug, such as this one, is a great piece to have if you might get chilly while wearing your sun dress. It is easy to take off and put on and can save the day by keeping you warm.

It is most common to wear sandals with sundresses - either flat sandals or those with a wedge heel if you are going for a casual look, or strappy sandals with heels if you are dressing up a bit.

Ready for some fun in the sun? Then it's time to shop for the perfect plus size sun dresses for your outdoor adventures. The consumer demand for good quality, fashionable plus size summer clothing is greater than ever. This results in manufacturers offering a lot more variety in vibrant and trendy styles.

There are quite a lot of different styles of Plus Size Sundresses,  One that's often appealing to larger women is what's called a maxi-lounger. These resemble caftans and provide a lot of comfort. The loose fit flows around you, providing plenty of air for those hot summer days. Depending on the finishing touches of this type of dress, it can look pretty enough for a night on the town with just a few accessories.

For fitted sun dresses take your time and find the one that compliments your figure the best. Most sun dresses are made from lightweight fabric that moves with the wind. That's part of what makes them so comfortable. But if you buy a dress that has too much fabric, it makes you look like you're hiding behind curtains. Now is the time to celebrate your curves and you don't have to stick with drab colors either. Summer months are all about whimsy so if you feel like wearing animal prints or hippy colored flowers - do so! It's your body - if other people don't like what you wear tough.

Having said that, basic white isn't a bad choice for plus size sundresses. This is particularly true if you're a sun worshipper. A little tan and that white dress is going to look stunning. The extra benefit here is that white naturally reflects light, keeping you even cooler.

Not quite sure what cut of plus size sundresses is best for your body shape? You're not alone. A lot of women struggle figuring out which style works best. There are a few guidelines that may help. If you have large breasts avoid strapless dresses or spaghetti straps. This style is much more charming on women with smaller breasts. Try a scoop neck instead so you can wear a good bra without it showing. An A line sundress or one that opens a little fuller at the bottom looks nice on nearly all plus size women.

If you're unhappy with your legs, go ahead and get a long, ankle length sundress. Or if you have great legs show them off by going to dresses just above the knees. Bear in mind that like any fashion fore, it may take a little hunting and trying on before you find the perfect plus size sun dresses for your summer time enjoyment.

Top Picks

As the weather begins to warm, your eyes might be turning toward affordable plus size sun dresses to add to your wardrobe. The best part about a sun dress is the comfort they afford. Unlike more tailored clothing, these dresses are made to keep you cool. Better still, more and more manufacturers are producing plus size pieces so you'll be able to find something that's in vogue while still suiting your taste and personality.

Despite the thought that sundresses are all casual, that's simply not true. Some combine the unrestrictive line with a very elegant design with tasteful decorative additions. That means you can find plus size sun dresses for nearly every occasion, or no occasion at all!

When purchasing a plus size dress there are several things to keep in mind. If comfort is your number one consideration styles that mimic caftans are a great option. If you want a dress that you can use as a shirt, then a shorter style sundress might work. Nearly all decent department stores offer a nice variety of these dresses for full-figured women without huge price tags.

A sun dress can complement your figure too. Watch for light weight fabric that moves with you. Avoid going too big, however. You want a dress not a tent. When you wear oversized clothing it only accentuates your weight rather than hiding it.

Another great thing about plus size sun dresses is that for once you're not being told that black, grey or brown are the best “slimming” colors. Summer fashion is all about bright colors that celebrate the playfulness of the season. There is absolutely no reason to choose a drab dress when you can brighten up your wardrobe nicely.

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