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Dressing Your Pear Shape Body

Pear Shape Body - What to Wear for Your Body Shape

Plus size pear shaped bodies will almost always have one or two sizes difference between the top (smaller) and bottom (bigger). 

The waist is generally smaller and defined and everything above the waist is more slender - including the neck, bust line, arms and shoulders.

Pear Shape Body

The key to dressing the pear body shape is to create the illusion of a balanced body, while calling attention to the upper body.

Pear Body Shape Fashion Tips:

  • Shoulder pads are your best friend!  They help to balance your silhouette and will make you look thinner instantly!
  • Black pants and straight skirts are your next best friend!  Avoid fitted pants and make sure they drape and do not cling.  If your waist is a great deal smaller than your hips, look for pants and skirts that have some elastic in the waist.
  • Boot cut pants and jeans are very flattering to balance a pear shape.
  • Whenever possible, wear a jacket, shirt or tunic top that ends below the widest part of your hips. 
  • If you want to call attention to your waist by wearing a belt, you will also call attention to your hips unless you conceal them by wearing a longer jacket or open shirt.
  • Generally, Two-pieces dresses are better - but some dresses with an empire waist will be flattering, especially if they are fitted in the bodice. 
  • A-line skirts and dresses are usually flattering.  Avoid full or gathered skirts.

Silhouettes for Pear Shapes:

Here are some examples of flattering silhouettes for pear shapes.  Many of the photos feature a "big shirt" buttoned up.  I think it is much more flattering for a pear to wear it open with a tucked in tank top or tee shirt and belt.


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