Plus Size Tunics

Plus Size Tunics for remain a top plus size fashion trend this season. Trendy tunics are either flowing and romantic with updated details like ruffles, lace, bows, sequins, crystal or unusual sleeve details.

Plus Size Tunics

Tunics are a classic for the plus size lady and remain a great and trendy look for this season. The Babydoll style tunic will continue to be popular this season.

Tunics look best when worn over slimmer fitting bottoms - wear them over slim skirts, slimmer cut pants, leggings or jeans.

Plus Size Tunics Tips

Tunics are a great addition to any wardrobe. The fashion industry is growing and changing all the time, particularly in plus size clothing. If you're hunting for something trendy that will fit your body tunics might prove ideal. The secret to looking and feeling your best is getting one that fits your body properly.

The cut of tunic dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Then, as now, a tunic hangs to the knees with or without a belt. Necklines vary but a V neck or square neckline seem common

If you're worried that you won't have enough variety – don't. Tunic tops come in numerous colors, fabrics and cuts, and some are being made by high end designers like Prada! Some come with embroidery that can draw attention to your face, eyes and neckline. Some have half sleeves or caped sleeves. Really just surfing the internet for a few minutes will reveal a whole world of tunics, one of which is destine for your closet.

The biggest advantage of a tunic look is that this item of clothing is meant to be worn loosely. This gives movement to your clothing and softens body lines. In other words you get great style and comfort all in none shirt – a shirt that shows off your curves in all the best ways. Better still, you won't have to spend a fortune for it.

Don't be afraid to try mixing and matching your tunic with other parts of your wardrobe to get wholly different looks. Tunics are very flexible. You can dress them up with a few accessories or stick with a casual look by pairing them with acid washed jeans and flats.

As you shop you may find yourself stuck between two different sizes in tunic tops. When this happens, if you really love the tunic, the generally-accepted advice is going with the larger size. A tunic that's too small isn't flattering, nor is it very comfortable. In terms of fabrics you can't beat cotton for plus size tunics because it breaths, but can also provide warmth particularly when layered with other garments.

About the only "no-no" with plus size tunics is avoiding plants that have gathered waistlines. That creates a bulky look that's less attractive on a women with curves.

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