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Women's Plus Size Blouses

There is a great supply of Plus Size Blouses available online - no matter if you are looking for professional, trendy, casual or dressy. Prints are really in right now in a variety of fabrics, along with feminine touches like ruffles and lace.

Plus size gals there’s good news in the blouse department. Plus size designers are now starting to mark their shirts with both the waist size and bust size, making your shopping that much easier! How many times have you tried on a button down blouse only to have gaps between the buttons making you look as if you’re about to, well, bust out! That’s a terrible feeling and it’s certainly not what you want in plus size blouses for your wardrobe

So what’s the key to choosing the best plus size blouse? One important factor is fabric. Light fabrics have movement and they breathe. In particular cotton or silk blends flatter a full figured body, and also keep you cooler. Heavier weight blouses tend to make you appear larger than you are. It’s better to go for the light fabric and add a sweater if necessary. 

A good fashion trick for plus size women are getting blouses that don’t require tucking. Tunics are one example. Generally blouses that reach beyond your waste provide the illusion of being taller. Ruffles down the front also pull viewer’s eyes and stretch your body shape. Just make sure the ruffle doesn’t lay too close to your neck. That actually has the opposite effect of for what you’re aiming. Hint: don’t automatically reach for baggy blouses. There’s no reason you can’t have a nicely tailored shirt if you choose the style carefully.

Now let’s get to specifics. What is your body type? Women who have a round, apple type body have larger waists and small shoulders. Your blouse needs to distract attention from the mid-section and move a viewer’s eyes upward to the appeal of your shoulders. V neck plus size blouses do this rather tidily as does any blouse that begins flaring near your torso.

Pear shaped women benefit from flares too as they cover wide hips. If you can find a blouse that has decorative elements at the neckline that will also automatically attract attention to your face. Front-gathered blouses seem to flatter this body type too. 

For women with the much-desired hourglass figure, there are tons of options. We suggest looking for a blouse that has a belt. This stresses your shape with little fuss. The belt can also be used as an accessory with other wardrobe elements so it’s a two-for-one purchase.

Women who have fairly straight body lines struggle with finding definition. One type of blouse that provides the impression of curves is one with an empire waist. You may also find that a plus size blouse with shoulder pads gives you a different look too. 

Finally, women with broad shoulders but narrow hips benefit from fitted blouses. Avoid anything with large patterns or ruffles as that only emphasizes large breasts further. 

There are a few more tricks for picking the perfect blouse. Stick with colors that go well with your eyes. Choose a blouse that has dark tones in areas you want to downplay and bright tones for highlighting your best features. Blouses with belled sleeves or vertical stripes both provide a slimming effect. 

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