Wrap Dresses

Plus Size Wrap Dresses

Plus Size Wrap Dresses are almost universally flattering and create an elegant and beautiful silhouette for your curves.  The selection seems to be evenly divided between wrap dresses and faux-wrap dresses, which create the look of a wrap dress, but it doesn't actually wrap. 

Plus Size Wrap Dresses

Examples of Different Styles of Plus Size Wrap Dresses

Plus Size Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

This dress is very similar to the first Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress made - it had long sleeves and was made of jersey knit.

Sleeveless Plus Size Wrap Dress

Sleeveless Wrap Dress

This is a wonderful example of a classic summer wrap dress.  It is sleeveless and has a fuller skirt - so fun and flirty, but suitable for just about any setting.  It can be dressed down with cute sandals, a casual handbag and fun jewelry, or dressed up with dressy heels and handbag and sparkly jewelry.  A dress like this would be a real workhorse in your summer wardrobe.

Trendy Plus Size Wrap Dress

Trendy Plus Size Wrap Dress

If you prefer trendy over classic, this style would suit you well. It has a more modern look, but is equally well suited for many different settings.

Faux Wrap Plus Size Maxi Dress

Faux Wrap Plus Size Maxi Dress

This maxi dress with a faux wrap bodice is another great and versatile look for warmer weather.

Floral Plus Size Wrap Dress

Floral Wrap Dress

I just love this dress - it is one of my favorites - it is so pretty and feminine.  With the three quarter length sleeves - it would be a great transitional dress and I love that the floral print is in classic red and blacks - so it ill be appropriate in any season.  

Black Wrap Dress

Black Wrap Dress

This is a faux wrap dress that is for dressier occasions.  

About The Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg created the first wrap dress in 1972 and it was an instant success.  They were very popular throughout the 1970s.  They are considered to be a classic design today and remain a popular style season after season.

A true wrap dress really does wrap - one side across the other - and the sides are either tied or buttoned secure.  The advantage to this is that they can be adjusted to fit each individual perfectly.  The result is a form fitting bodice with a great V-neckline.  This is a look that is flattering on most women.

A faux wrap dress has the same look, but the two sides of the bodice are sewn together.  You get the same general look, but not the ability to "form fit" the dress.  It will usually have a back zipper, or may just be a pullover style.

For the most part, true wrap dresses and tops will be made of knit or jersey or some other formfitting fabric and will most likely contain a bit of spandex for a really nice fit.   Faux wrap dresses and tops may also be found in "sturdier" fabric, like cotton or even wool blends.

Wrap dresses can be found for every season - with long sleeves in the winter, sleeveless in the summer and everything in between.  They also come in every style, from casual to formal.  You can find styles for fun, for work, for church and for special occasions.

You may also want to consider a Plus Size Wrap Top with a skirt or pants.

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