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Tall Plus Size Pants

Tall Plus Size Pants are becoming easier and easier to find.  Many of the leading online plus size retailers have greatly expanded their selection.  There is no standard inseam length for tall pants in plus sizes, so make sure and check the item description and size charts!

Plus size women sometimes struggle with finding plus size pants that really flatter their shape. Nonetheless, no one wants to wear dresses all the time! So how do you go about selecting the best slacks for your figure and the intended use. 

A well-chosen pair of pants can become the cornerstone of your wardrobe, but they have to be comfortable with sturdy construction and the right cut. Which cut depends heavily on your body type. Do you know what category into which you fit? 

Shopping for Tall Plus Size Pants

 It’s not too hard to figure out. Women who have bigger hips than bust fall into the apple body. Those with nearly identical waist and butt but larger hips are “pear” bodies. A person whose waist, hip and butt are pretty even is a “rectangular” body, and finally, someone with a defined waist compared to their bust and hips has an “hourglass body.” 

Now, of course not all of us slide into one body type or the other perfectly. But, if you start with that as a generality it gets you that much closer to tall plus size pants. First, take your measurements and write them down on a piece of paper for when you start window shopping. Always measure at the fullest part of your butt and breast, and about 1” above your bellybutton for the waist measurements. Many manufacturers include measurements on their products now – so this saves a little time.

With your measurements in hand, let’s look more closely at your body.  An apple woman has great calves so there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a tighter below knee fit in your pants. Just be very careful that your stomach stays neatly tucked inside the waistband otherwise. A relaxed fit pant may do the trick for you, particularly one with a high waist and some support around the stomach, and a boot cut toward your ankle. Don’t be afraid of light colors, gals. They will draw viewer’s eyes away from your midsection. 

On to Ms. Pear. You can enjoy the comfort of a flair leg and potentially a low-rising pant. Decorative elements at the waist area will look good on you,, particularly when you find the right fit. In contrast, Mrs. Hourglass can war skinny, mid-rise jeans keep you from experiencing a gap at your waist. 

Rectangular women struggle with getting some definition into their image. Look for tall, straight plus size pants with a high waist. Avoid anything shapeless at all costs. You will literally disappear into that style of trouser. 

While online buying is convenient the plus size woman may find a little time in the fitting booth well worthwhile. Once you find tall plus size pants, you can remember the brand and watch for those sales on line any time. But this way you KNOW you’re getting something satisfying. 

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