Women's Plus Size Tank Tops

Plus Size Tank Tops

Plus Size Tank Tops are a year round wardrobe staple, as a cool, fashionable top in the warmer months and as a layering piece in the coolers ones.  

There is a huge variety of Tank Tops in plus sizes online with almost endless styles and color selections, including plain tanks to those embellished with sequins and everything in between.

Like many other clothing items, plus size tank tops come in more styles, sizes and fabrics than ever before. Most people don them as a part of casual attire suited to warmer weather. When you want to beat the heat a tank top is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Believe it or not a tank top need not be only consigned to athletic or laid back occasions. You can dress them out for dinner too. The key, as with any purchase, is thinking about not only what you like (what’s fun and flirty) but also your body type before you buy. Also, since tank tops aren’t typically an expensive purchase consider investing in several so they suit different occasions and situations.

Top Picks:

So how can every day plus size tank tops fit into your hectic schedule? A lot of ways. You can wear them to the gym, sometimes with an open blouse over top until the activity begins. For work, dress up the tank top by using a classic blazer, sweater or button-down shirt rolled up at the sleeves. Reach for a glitter infused tank top for dancing, or a classy silk top with a wrap for a more fanciful meal.

From a style perspective, tank tops come in both halter designs or straight slim straps. The Spaghetti strap style accents a person’s shoulders. Some may have a little lace to brighten up the overall look. The plain versions, particularly in cotton, make a good alternative to heavier sleep ware. For women on the go with larger breasts, look for a plus size tank top with a built in bra. For even more security avoid the spaghetti straps and reach for a shirt with thicker straps. You can wear this underneath other fancier tops to dress it up.

What about the halter style? Well these set just below the bust line or just above your waist. They may not be the best bet for “apple” body types, unless combined with something fluid that helps distract from unwanted bulges.

A third option for sleeveless shirts are those with athletic designs such as a racer back (This looks a bit like a one piece bathing suit on the top and shows even more shoulders than slim straps. These shirts often come in material that gives and stretches so it moves easily with the active athlete. Muscle tank tops fall into this category but are completely devoid of even the slightest of sleeve. Most times the Muscle tank stays in the ranks of casual athletic wear.

One of the nice things about tank tops is that they’re active wear and often bear sayings that reflect the buyer’s humor or ideas. Some stores even let you print your own plus size tank tops so you can give them to family, friends or team members for special occasions.

Bear in mind that if you’re not shopping in a plus-size department, you’ll typically need to look at extra-large tank tops (and up) so they fit you properly. Most manufacturer’s size an extra-large as being a 40” bust, which may simply not be enough for a woman with curves. 

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