Plus Size Polo Shirts

Plus Size Polo Shirts

A great Plus Size Polo Shirt is something that never goes out of style.  They are great when you want to go a little nicer than a Tee Shirt, for business casual or to dress up or down.  There is a huge variety available, wether you want just a classic basic polo, one in the current trendy colors, one with a designer label or with fashion details or styles, they're all here!

The beauty of plus size polo shirts is that they’re incredibly comfortable without losing style or class. When you want something a little dressier than a T-shirt but just as easy to care for a polo shirt is an ideal choice. Whether you're heading to the beach, swinging by the office or going to a sporting event the polo shirt looks totally at home. Want that same shirt to be a little more formal? Just tuck it into your pants and put on a nice belt. 

A plus size polo shirt has a characteristic sleeve. These are relatively slim and reach about halfway to the wearer’s elbow. The collar opens loosely with buttons that stop about mid-chest. The most important thing about choosing a polo shirt is that it fits properly. You can also consider various fabrics and how they look on your body. With regard to fit, choose a plus size polo shirt that’s neither too tight or too loose. You want enough room for natural motion without feeling the shirt stretch or restrict.

Top Picks:

You  have about six different designs from which to choose your plus size polo shirt. There are blended shirts that give you the strength of synthetics and the cost-friendly nature of cotton. You will find the blended polo shirt resists stains too. There are also jersey knit polo shirts. These are knit and in the middle of the field in terms of price. If you plan to personalize your shirt, however, the knit is not the ideal choice. 

Polyester is in the same price range as knit. These last a long time and resist shrinkage. However, like the knit shirts this isn’t the best choice for screen printing. Cotton is one of the favorite cloths for a polo shirt because it breaths. If you choose this type of shirt, get one a little larger than you need as they do shrink. For the serious sports person there are also performance polo shirts that have features like UV protection blended into the material. These, as you can imagine, get pricy and they’re not very dressy. Finally, if you want to go out on the town you have the option of a plus size silk polo shirt. You can’t silk screen these and they are on the higher end of the cost scale for polo shirts. 

The polo shirt got its name, aptly, thanks to polo players. In the 1800 they wore a distinctive shirt, which slowly evolved into shirts worn b tennis players in the 1920s. The short sleeves were perfect for a player, while the light weight fabric allowed the shirt to breath and kept players cooler than previous designed. By early 1933 polo shirts were available commercially. 

Today you can get polo shirts nearly anywhere including at department stores, sporting suppliers, auction sites and online retailers. Some specialty shops have unique designs that they combine with shoes and other accessories. The timeless appeal of a good polo shirt endears it to many as something that can be casual or dressy with very simple adjustments and add-ons.

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