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Plus Size Jacket Dresses

Plus Size Jacket Dresses can really dress up your look, be it professional, for church, a special occasion or even a formal occasion.

Plus Size Jacket Dresses

Plus Size Dresses can be found with jackets that range from bolero length on down and both long and short hemlines. For the most flattering fit, make sure the jacket ends just below your least favorite body part. For me, that would be hips, so I make sure my jackets always fall below my hips! There is a great selection available - here are my favorites.

Top Picks:

Looking for a hint of class, tastefulness and comfort at the same time? How about a plus size jacket dress? When you're hoping to create a perfectly "put together" image, the jacket dress speaks highly of professionalism while still allowing you to show off your sense of style. Better still, because jackets come in both long and short sleeve you can find ones suited to the season.

Perhaps the most important element of a jacket dress is your ability to button it properly without any stress on the fabric. If the jacket puckers it looks terrible (even sloppy). Go to the next size. If that one is now too large, consider having it altered for that perfect fit. It may be worth it in the long haul particularly if you found a bargain that you love. A good tailor can fix the jacket so it adapts to your stomach or bust line.

Most fashion experts feel that the plus size jacket dress does best on the woman with curves when it's a darker tone. Yes, you're back to navy, gray, black and brown but need not get in a rut. Go ahead and branch out a bit with deep, rich gem tones too (like emerald green).

What about length? Most jacket dresses hit the knee line or just above. Any longer and you're getting into a maxi dress that has a completely different feel. When combined with good fabric the jacket dress looks crisp and tidy. Cotton is a great choice because it's washable too. Some dress offerings include neckline or sleeve embellishment. Whether or not you choose this over something plain that you can personalize is up to you (and of course the situation in which you'll be donning the dress).

If you're hoping to give your body a more shapely allure without going overboard, leave your plus size jacket dress open on top. Pair this with a dark belt. The end result is the illusion of a longer line. You can further accent that line by wearing nude-tone shoes.

Hint: try to find a plus size jacket dress with a detachable jacket. Why? Because now you have another wardrobe accessory that you can mix and match to skirts and dress pants easily. Just be careful in how you pair fabrics. A very heavy jacket looks odd with lightweight skirts (like silk) and put's the overall outfit out of balance. Try a couple different pairings until you're happy with the results.

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