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I admit it! I LOVE accessories! Especially Trendy Plus Size Accessories! When in doubt you can always wear plain, classic clothing with fabulous accessories. The right ones can even make jeans and a white tee look like something special.

Trendy Plus Size Accessories

The purpose of accessories is to finish off and complement your look. If you are plus sized, your accessories should also be scaled larger. Your handbags, jewelry and other accessories should be scaled in proportion to your body size.

Don't avoid belts if you are plus sized - they can instantly update a look. You can wear your belt anywhere from your waist to your hips - wherever it looks best on you. There are some fabulous chain belts available.

Anything that you wear that is not an article of clothing is considered an accessory. This includes your jewelry, handbag, hose or socks, shoes, belts and even your eyeglasses or sunglasses. To look truly "pulled together" you have to take them all into consideration when getting dressed. A tip I repeat often through the website is to buy classic pieces of clothing and keep them trendy and up-to-date with accessories. For example by changing the accessories with a black dress (or even blue jeans and a plain top) you can go from casual to dressy and in step with the current fashion trends. I have had friends say I never wear the same thing twice, which is kind of true because I mostly have separates and I do a lot of mixing and matching and always try to do something different with the pieces and accessories.

If you love clothes and accessories like I do, it can be easy to go overboard. I usually stick to one bold or trendy accessory of piece of jewelry and wear more classic or traditional pieces to fill out the look. For example, if I wore big hoop earrings (which I do quite often), I wouldn't add a big chunky wooden necklace or an arm full of bangles. We're not going for the gypsy look (well I'm not, not usually anyway and I assume you aren't either...).

Here is a rule of thumb I learned years ago that I still use. When in doubt, remove one accessory - this will keep you from "accessory over-kill!.

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