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Plus Size Belts

There is a great variety of Plus Size Belts available - from cowgirl to rhinestones! Don't avoid belts if you are plus sized - they add polish and can instantly update a look.

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The rule of thumb with belts is to avoid wearing them around the widest part of your body. You can wear your belt anywhere from your waist to your hips - wherever it looks best on you.

Here is my best belt tip - if you are pear shaped and want to belt a dress or tunic, put your belt an inch or so above you waist. This will show off your small waist without bunching up over your hips. By moving the belt sightly higher, the fabric will flow over your hips.

Another look I love is to wear a big, bold belt at the waist, under a longer cardigan, jacket or blazer. Wear all black from head to toe with a gold or silver bold belt. Then wear either a black or brightly colored jacket or cardigan on top. I am pear shaped and this is probably the most flattering silhouette I ave found.

Top Picks:


QVC Apparel also has a great selection of trendy and designer belts in sizes up to 3X. If you are looking for something really different, check these out.

Shop at for the latest fashion trends in apparel, accessories, footwear & more.

Avenue has a small selection of basic belts in plus sizes.

Trendy Plus Size Clothes Tip:
The perfect belt can really make an outfit. To stretch your clothing dollars, invest in classic pieces and keep them up to date with trendy belts and accessories. Another benefit is that you can dress them up or down.

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