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Plus Size Skirt Suits are a great look, especially if you prefer a skirt over pants for business or special occasions. A classic black suit can be dressed up or down by changing the shirt, shoes sand accessories and can take you through many different occasions for many years. You can wear it with a pretty blouse for a job interview, a shell for a business meeting, a pretty camisole for an after hours business event and a satin or sequin shell for a wedding.

Plus Size Suit Skirts

Plus Size Skirt Suits
For the most flattering fit, look for a jacket that falls at least one inch below your widest body part. Both straight and a-line skirts are flattering to most body shapes. Choose a skirt length that is most flattering to your body - usually around or just below the knee. Heels and a pretty label pin will add polish to your look.

Plus Size Skirt Suits are ideal for professional women looking to create a positive impace in the workplace. While any woman can benefit from a skirt suit in their personal line of clothing, the professional woman of stature has specific challenges. While we wish it were not so, appearances mean a lot. Until recently many plus size women were condemned to ugly fabrics, poor tailoring, and uncomplimentary combinations that simply made their job even harder.

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Plus Size Skirt Suit

The most important part of shopping for a skit suit is making sure it fits you correctly and the style works effectively with your daily pace.

As you look as a plus size skirt suit, you definitely want a jacket that's on the long side. Short jackets only emphasize hips and thighs rather than giving you a greater sense of height. Lines are EVERYTHING in plus size clothing. For example, a jacket that has a waist tuck may detract from larger stomachs. Give it a try. The manufacturers of plus size clothing are really endeavoring to find a way to avoid those big bulky clothes that only made you look larger – not more professional, secure and truly happy with your body.

The skirt is another consideration in your outfit. You want a skirt that reaches your knee or just above, particularly for an office presentation. If you use an A-line skirt with the longer jacket, it will help draw eyes downward and offer the appearance of a taller, thinner stature. There is also nothing wrong with looking at an ankle length skirt, particularly if you're not happy with your legs. It will give your outfit a nice flow without emphasizing things that reduce your self-confidence.

Speaking of skirts, avoid any ruffles or pleats – they will only make you look and feel bigger. Plus straight lines not only compliment your body, they also look fresh no matter the era. The plus size skirt suit for professional wear is generally black or gray, and sometimes blue. Other colors are find for personal engagements, but when it comes to the board room, stick with the classics.

If you're a professional woman, then a plus size skirt suit is nearly an indispensable addition to your wardrobe. The first time you shop for a skirt suit, however, you may be uncertain as to what's best for the business environment. This article will give you some good starting points for considering different potential outfits.

Skirts can present certain challenges for women with curves. Up until recently the fashion industry has stuffed the plus size women into polyester pants that were hardly attractive, comfortable or professional looking. Thankfully that's changed a lot. Designers are finally making a wide variety of business clothing suitable for plus size women, no matter the body type.

Fit is Fashionable

The most important aspect of a plus size skirt suit is that it fits properly. To judge adequately requires trying various suits on along with whatever shoes you plan to wear as an accessory. Shoes change the way your body moves and the way you hold yourself, so make sure to walk a bit during your try-on session and see if anything grabs or constrains.

In terms of the jacket element, most plus size women benefit from a longer style. Your jacket should reach to the top of your hips. This helps streamline your body. Some experts recommend shoulder padding in the jacket but this isn't a universally applicable tip. Women with broad shoulders or muscular arms won't need those at all. In fact, it would only make you look larger. By comparison a slight taper at the jacket's waist line accents the very best attributes of an hourglass-type figure. An over-sized jacket made in bulky fabrics aren't flattering at all.

Smart Skirts

Next look at the skirt part of the suit. In a professional environment you do not want a skirt that's any shorter than the top of your knee cap. Avoid pleats. Instead A lines work well for many plus size women creating natural eye movement away from any excess weight at the hips. Short plus size women should avoid skirts that are too long, but you can certainly go below the knee cap and still get a very nice, finished look that compliments the best of you.

Caution with Color

The business environment favors black, blue, gray and brown. Nonetheless, you can often brighten up your plus size skirt suit with a scarf, pin or other tasteful accessories. Some industries naturally lend themselves to more colorful suits – such as working with toy manufacturers. This is where your understanding of your industry should guide your purchases.

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