Sexy Plus Size Dress

Sexy Plus Size Dresses

The best Sexy Plus Size Dress will accentuate your femininity and curves.  Choose the best style for you based on your body type.   Show off your best assets - your cleavage, arms, legs, waist.  Look for a dress that hugs or reveals your favorite areas and skims over your not so favorite ones.  

In the plus size world (and in fact in fashion circles in general) there is no “one size” or style that truly fits all. In fact, two plus size dresses both marked size 14 can fit your body completely differently. That can make shopping for the perfect, flattering sexy plus size dress a little daunting. Thankfully gone are the days when you have to wear a dress that looks like a Teepee! 

Top Picks:

Thanks to various female celebrities embracing their curvaceous selves, the plus size market has certainly grown and improved tremendously. You’ll find a lot more vary stylish options that you would have even 2-3 years ago. In fact, there are so many sexy plus size dress options that you may not know where to start your shopping adventure. The truth is you have to (a) know your body, (b) know your lifestyle and (c) be honest with both. You may secretly with you could squeeze into that little size 12 classic black dress – but for a lot of women those days are long behind us. 

So let’s get to the heart of plus size dress selection. If your body is bottom heavy you’re classified as a pear body shape (alternatively sometimes called a triangle). Your assets are definitely in your neck and shoulders, so look to strapless plus side dresses or ones that have a halter front. This attracts more attention to your neck and also provides the illusion of greater symmetry. You may find yourself very comfortable in an empire dress that fits closely at top then slowly tapers outward. If the dress has tasteful decoration around the neckline, that helps too. 

A body that has a larger waste than shoulders and hips, but appears rather round – that’s classified as an apple (or an inverted triangle, depending on the writer). The lower part of your body isn’t as full as the top half. That means you want a sexy plus dress that’s loose around your waist that moves with you. Think natural, light weight fabric with diminutive patterns or darker hues. 

Women that have defined waists have hourglass bodies that so many crave. Here you have closely matched bust and hip measurements with a much slimmer tummy. That doesn’t mean  that a plus size dress isn’t for you. A lot depends on your height and the overall difference between the breast and waistline. Go ahead and try on fitted dresses that show off your waist. Wraps work well as do dresses with belts. 

Finally we come to the rectangular body. You need sexy plus size dresses that give you curves. The general consensus is wear A-line dresses that brush the top of your knee for the greatest effect. 

Thankfully it has never been easier for full-sized women to find dresses that really make them shine. It may take a little hunting and “try ons” but its well worth it when you look in that mirror at your new plus size dress and say WOW. 

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