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Plus Size Denim Jacket

Plus Size Jean Jacket

A Plus Size Denim Jacket is a wardrobe classic - they have a look and attitude all their own.   You can go very basic with the traditional jean jacket, or go all out with embellishments such as stones, studs or sequins, or even find a jean style jacket in a fabric other than denim.  Or you can go with a denim jacket in another style - like a denim blazer or even a hoodie.

Plus size denim jackets are as durable as they are flattering. When you find a good fitting denim jacket, it’s warm and also stylish. This is one purchase that gets you through all seasons and remains wholly functional, matching nearly any style choice.

The beautiful thing about denim is that it just doesn’t go out of fashion. In turn, it’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe that you won’t have to constantly update. A traditional jean jacket isn’t lined so it doesn’t add pounds to your frame. Generally speaking, its better suited to casual looks, but the cut of the jacket can make a huge difference. You can find plus size denim jackets in all types of colors beyond traditional blue and black too!

Top Picks:

When shopping for your jacket, try on a variety. You want to find something that has long enough sleeves when you bend your elbows. You also want to be sure it’s not overly tight across the back. If those two elements of the jacket both work, then take a good, long look at the overall condition. Does the jacket show signs of quality manufacturing in the seams and hems? 

If you’re hunting online for your plus size denim jacket then you’re going to need some measurements. Measure the widest part of your chest, your waist (near your belly button) and your shoulder width. This is a little tricky to do alone so you may want a friend to help you so you get an accurate gauge. 

Don’t stop there! Measure from the tip of your shoulder all the way down to your wrist. Finally, measure around your wrist. Now, once you’ve assembled those numbers remember that you will be wearing clothing under your plus size denim jacket. So you need to add some inches for both comfort and proper fit. By far the most important measurement is your bust because that’s where most people find discomfort in a jean jacket that’s too small. On average, if you have a 40” bust, you’ll need an extra- large jacket.  A 50” chest/bust requires a triple x plus size denim jacket.

Some other tips for trying on jackets. Make sure the neck closes comfortably without any sign of bunching. Make sure you can button or zip the jacket without having to pull on it. Twist, bend and reach and see how much give the jacket provides for normal movements.

Bear in mind that a well made jean jacket will last you quite a while so look for durability. Make sure the buttons are on securely, that there are no signs of loose threads and that the dye in the fabric is consistent. If you notice any finger stains after examining a plus size jean jacket do not buy it. That means the color will wash out every quickly.

Overall, shop once and shop smart. You’ll love the way a plus size denim jacket rounds out your entire wardrobe.

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