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Plus Size Halter Dress

Plus Size Halter Dresses

A Plus Size Halter Dress is a great look for warmer weather.  They are becoming more and more popular, especially in Maxi Dresses.

Once reserved for formal and special occasion dresses, now their is a nice selection of halter dresses that are more casual.  Most of the casual dresses are fun, comfortable and very flattering to wear..

A plus size halter dress is actually an extension of the halter top that came into the market in the 1920s. At that point it was considered a tad risqué because it exposed more skin than other styles poplar at that time. It didn’t take long, however, for women to embrace a dress that’s cool, comfortable and that had a variety of features that showed off their personal assets. 

Before buying and trying on a plus size halter dress you need good support garments. It changes the entire way the dress looks on your body. For example, in some cases the halter may be too low cut and leave your bra uncovered in part. You then spend the whole day adjusting the dress – simply no fun. One great option for underclothing with a halter dress is a bra with invisible straps – simple and easy solution.

Top Picks:

The classic halter bares your shoulders, upper back and arms. It closes at the back the neck, which is also the feature that makes it more supportive. Exactly how it closes depends on the design. Some snap (this means the dress must fit “as is”) while others have a tie, allowing for greater fine tuning in the wear. 

So how do you chose the one that’s best for you? Again we return to your body type. When your bust is smaller than your hips, for example, a plus size halter dress that’s all one piece in front creates the illusion of larger bosoms. Unfortunately if you happen to have broad shoulders or neck, this isn’t the halter dress for you. You’re better off seeking out dresses with a fitted bodice (as should women with larger breast lines). 

Some dresses have structural features that could prove to be your selling point. Those with built in bras are a two-for-one wardrobe addition (i.e. no need for specialized undergarments). It is generally not necessary to get ones that have padding (that adds bulk). If you find the simple built in bra doesn’t provide you with enough support considered shopping for designs with boning or those that have a light, inside liner to neatly cover up your undergarment of choice. 

For fabrics you won’t want for a variety of choices. If you want something that’s formal lean toward satin or silk. For the casual look seek out cotton or small prints. Generally we suggest avoiding large prints or anything too shimmery because they can make you look bigger than you are. 

One hint for passionate halter dress wearers – remember this dress leaves your skin open to UV rays, particularly in summer months. As a result, get yourself a good sunblock. The American Dermatology society recommends a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 50 for outdoor activities, and 30 for other types of everyday activity. To know how long it will be before you need to reapply your sunscreen to the exposed skin around your plus size halter dress simply multiply the rating by 10. In other words SPF 50 protects you for 500 minutes. 

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