Plus Size Flare Jeans

There is something "cool" about flare jeans. Whether you're looking for a size 7 or plus size flare jeans, flares feel down-to-earth and whisper of the 1960s without quite so much tie dye. The best part about owning a pair of flare style jeans is that they're versatile. If you want comfort and style all rolled into one, this is definitely a cut worth considering.


When shopping for flare jeans bear in mind the retro feel of this product. You want to match it with tops and accessories that draw that theme through your whole outfit. Depending on the brand and the type of fabric used for the jeans, you may find that some flare styles make one part of your body stand out more than another - tilting everything. If you find that happens no matter what flare jeans you try on, you may want to opt for a relaxed boot cut instead - it still gives you a little wiggle room but a less dramatic flare. Truthfully many plus size women prefer an understated flare as it seems to flatter the rest of their body more effectively.

One nice thing about flare jeans is that they draw attention to your legs. So if your upper body is the area that you're looking to tone down, the wide-leg pants do half the work for you. Combine them with a nice dark top that's not form-fitting and you're good to go.

Like other types of jeans, flare cuts have a variety of options for the rest of the pant. Women looking to conceal broad hips can accomplish that by wearing draped cut plus size flare jeans. If you combine that with a top that hangs about 1" below your hips, and you've just neatly taken about 10 pounds off the visual impact of your frame.

If your neck is one of the best features of your body, the flare pants still work nicely. In this case balance the pants with a mid-level V-neck shirt and a simple drop necklace. The V in the neckline mirrors the flare in the jeans so you get a very balanced result that connects your entire appearance.

By the way, always remember that the right choice of shoe shows off your plus size flare jeans even more. You need shoes that keep the hem of your jeans off the ground so they don't fray. A small wedge or platform, clogs, or even sexy pumps handle this task well and also make your lines longer.

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