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Plus Size Wool Coats

Plus Size Wool Coats are a great way to keep warm when the weather is frigid.

Plus Size Wool Coats
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The great news is that you can stay warm and look great, as there is a wonderful selection of wool coats in plus sizes available online. Over the years the selection has really grown - in the past there were only a few styles available and the prices were really high. Along with the better selection, the prices seem to come down as well.

Top Picks:

Once the season shifts toward cooler weather many women begin seeking out perfect plus size wool coats. Before you shop, keep a few things in mind. First, winter coats typically represent an investment. You want to buy once and buy right. That means finding a coat that looks great whether you're hanging out with friends or going to a fancy party. You also want a coat that really suits your body shape and lifestyle. It is well worth taking the time to try on a lot of styles until you get it just right.

One excellent choice is a simple tailored coat, particularly if you have to go into an office setting every day. It looks professional but isn't over the top for other occasions either. The down side of tailored coats is that typically they are not water proof and may not hold a lot of the cold winter air away from your body. That's where a less formal down coat comes into play. If you watch sales, you may be able to get both - one for shoveling snow, and the other for meet-and-greets.

Don't forget about your overall personal style in choosing plus size wool coats either. Tailored coats may look great with a pant suit but really awkward when you're wearing a snow mobile outfit! Again, this may be a very good argument for shopping hard and looking for seasonal sales so you can have two coats suited for very different purposes.

Now what about body shapes? Well smaller women do well to choose coats that go no longer than you knee. This gives the impression of a longer leg. Voluptuous ladies should use coats that have a single-breasted style, those with large shoulders - absolutely NO shoulder pads. A line coats in general often provide a very slimming look.

As far as fabric goes it seems that popular plus size coats come in wool. It's a very warm, durable material. And while you may have to get it dry cleaned, it will keep out a fair amount of moisture and wind naturally. One word of warning - read your labels. Not everything that claims to be 100% wool is, and that makes all the difference in the world in terms of longevity. Also don't focus so much on big brands - a lot of time all you get for your extra money is the name, not a quality coat.

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