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Plus Size Sweat Pants aren't just for exercising anymore! They have become a wardrobe staple for many of us for lounging, exercising and even casual wear.

Plus Size Sweat Pants
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Fleece pants can be a comfy and cozy alternative to jeans when the weather is cooler - especially if you are partaking in outdoor activities. I even sleep in mine when it is really cold - they keep me warm and toasty all night. Traditionally sweat pants are thought of as fleece pants, but there is a large variety of casual pants that are comfortable and suitable for both active wear and lounge wear. They are now also made in other fabrics including velour (my favorite!), polar or microfleece and waffle as well as other knits. Some styles now even include spandex - a little stretch is always a good thing! You can find lightweight and heavy weight styles.

There is an abundance of different styles - from the most casual to suits with matching jackets all the way to more tailored styles that look like trousers. Most of them will have a drawstring and/or elastic waist. There is a variety in the leg/hem width - from elastic to straight leg to slightly flared. I always make sure mine have pockets.

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