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Plus Size Rain Coats

Plus Size Rain Coats aren't as easy to find as some other plus size outerwear, but there are some really nice styles available.

Plus Size Rain Coat

Take your pick from basic to upscale, classic to trendy. (I love the trendy metallic ones - but then my daughter says that my favorite color is "shiny".) You can find everything from the traditional, dressier trench cost style to the basic casual rain slicker. The bonus is that they are being made in an ever increasing variety of colors and fabrics.

In addition to the trench coat and rain slicker style, they can also be found as jackets, reversible coats and jackets, parkas and even swing coats. Generally the trench styles will be a longer length and the more casual styles will have a low to mid hip length.

I have noticed that many of the styles will was "water resistant" rather than water-proff or calling it a raincoat. I think this is sufficient for most of us, as we are generally only wearing it briefly - say to go from a vehicle to indoors. If you are going to be in the elements for any extended period or need extra protection, stick with a "raincoat" that is waterproof, rather than one that is water resistant or water repellant.

If you are going to be wearing your rain coat over bulky layers of clothing, you may want to consider sizing up if you are close to the next size - just be sure you check the size chart carefully and take into consideration what you will be wearing under your coat.

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