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Plus Size Long Coats

Plus Size Long Coats are full length coats that will you the maximum amount of coverage against the elements.

Plus Size Long Coats

If you need a long Trench Coat, a heavy wool or wool like one or one that is both heavy and water repellant, there is a nice choice available online.

The really good news is that the prices on Plus Size Coats seems to have gone down over the years. I remember not too many years ago the selection was small and the prices were high. Now they are available in a much larger variety and price ranges. You have your choice of colors and styles at reasonable prices.

Top Picks:

People who live in 4-season climates need a good coat for winter's frosty grasp. In shopping for plus size long coats it's important to look for quality craftsmanship. More than likely you want a winter coat that will last for several years. That additionally means looking at coats that have a timeless cut like a duster, for example. Trendy coats are great but they go out of style quickly - and they can represent quite an investment for only one or two seasons.

If you're planning on wearing your coat for everyday activities you want to look for something that moves from casual settings into professional or formal settings easily. Wool always makes a good choice that endures the elements. However, it may not be ideal for people who enjoy sports and do a lot of outside winter activities. In this case you'll want something more waterproof like a long down coat with hood.

A trench coat is one excellent option in plus size long coats. As with dusters, trench coats have timeless appeal and they're a great style for plus size women. They naturally give you longer lines. In either the duster and a trench coat get a well-tailored coat that fits comfortably. Belts can help accentuate curves, while an A line coat slims the lower part of the body. V necks and single breasted coats look good on women with ample bosoms.

Because consumers have a higher demand for variety in plus size clothing, you'll have plenty of plus size long coats from which to choose. The most important thing about your choice is the fit of the coat. There's no need to hide your curves. However, there's no need to accentuate them either. Therefore avoid coats with padded shoulders or double breasted closures as these will make you look larger. If you can't find a well- fitted off-the-rack coat, seriously look into having one tailored to meet your body's unique shape.

As with many plus size items sticking with neutral colors is always a good idea. Black, dark blue and brown all look good with nearly any outfit you have. They're also ideal for both night and day wear.

There are several stores that have a reputation for carrying plus size long coats. These include Avenue, Land's end, Macy's and Lane Bryant just to name a few. Take the time to shop around, try several different cuts and colors.

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