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Trendy Plus Size Sweaters are always in style for fall and winter. This season the strongest Plus Size Sweater will be in Cardigans. Twin Sets are back along with a great assortment of Tunic Length Sweaters. A terrific and cozy sweater is always in style.

Plus Size Sweaters

Shopping for Women's Plus Size Sweaters doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. You just need a little knowledge in your back pocket to pick the perfect sweaters for your collection. There are some simple ways to start your decision making process.

First - as yourself the role this sweater needs to play in your wardrobe. Will it be fancy? Casual? Worn outdoors? Professional looking? If you can find a sweater that fulfills more than one criteria - that's a value added buy! One price tag - several uses!

Second, ask yourself how comfortable the sweater will be in it's designated role. You don't want to be sweating for a business presentation, nor freezing on a camping trip. Does the sweater's fibers poke through your blouse and create discomfort? Is the cut one suitable for the setting in which you'll be wearing it? Is the fabric so bulky that it visually adds to your size rather than complimenting it? These all sound like common sense considerations, but many people buy women's plus size sweaters on a whim then find themselves disappointed in the choice.

While you're at the store, take the time to try on several different sweater cuts. Find one that flatters your figure and that fits you well - not too tights or too lose (both of which accentuate unwanted pounds). In particular check the shoulder points of the sweater - it they fit properly chances are the rest of the sweater hangs perfectly. Speaking of which - how long do you want your sweater to be? A woman with generous hips will do better wearing sweaters that extend beyond her hips. This creates the illusion of longer, trimmer lines.

Another way to create illusions is with well-chosen necklines. A woman with large breasts can use a cowl-style neckline to distract attention away from her chest. The bateau cut looks good on pear-figured females and V or scoop neck cuts show off elegant neck and shoulder lines.

Of course, don't forget the timeless advice of choosing good colors. Generally speaking darker tones look best in plus size sweaters. Avoid sweaters with bold patterns if possible. When followed these basic guidelines will help you choose the best sweaters for your lifestyle and body type regularly. You can certainly color outside the box, but keep personal alterations in balance with the overall image you're trying to project.

Plus Size Cardigan Sweater

As the weather gets cooler perhaps you’ve begun shopping for a good sweater to add to your wardrobe. A plus size cardigan sweater is well worth considering while you’re looking around. Cardigans look fantastic on any type of body, and they come in numerous colors one of which is sure to compliment your skin tone. Better still, this is the type of sweater that you can wear for nearly any occasion.

In picking out your sweater you’ll have several types of fabric from which to choose. Cotton is one option that doesn’t require a lot of fancy care. Cashmere is very soft, and wool will keep you incredibly warm as will mohair. For durability and maintenance, however, cotton reigns supreme. Just was and wear!

As you’re trying on a plus size cardigan sweater ask yourself: does this fit me properly? Keep in mind that the sweater may not be pre-shrunk so figure shrinkage into the size you buy. Loose sweaters look casual and provide more warmth. Well-fitted sweaters have a more formal appeal, so you might want one of each for easy wardrobe diversification.

If you have generous breasts, look for V-neck styles. These naturally draw onlooker’s eyes down the full length of your body whereas turtle necks may stress heaviness. If you want to accentuate long lines, use an extended cardigan (these often come with pockets – which is very handy!). Another style option is a ¾ sleeve cardigan that’s ideal for “in between” seasons.

Mix and match your plus size cardigan sweater with dress pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. You can belt them to have a more professional look. Some button or zip down the front, while others only have a matching fabric tie. A very plain cardigan looks great over dress shirts, but you can certainly wear t-shirts underneath if you prefer. That’s the great part about cardigan sweaters. They’re very versatile.

You can’t beat the comfort of a plus size cardigan either, particularly since it doesn’t cling tightly to your stomach or bottom. It’s sure to keep you comfortably warm no matter the social setting. It’s usually best to buy a cardigan that you can try on before purchasing so you can check all the elements of fit and style. If you’re buying online always check the return policy, trying to avoid restocking fees.

Neat fact: Cardigan sweaters were originally named aver the 7th Earl of Cardigan, James Brudenell, honoring his military service in the Crimean War. They first gained popularity among Fishermen in the British Isles to keep warm on the boats.

Plus Size Sweater Vest

As the air turns a bit chilly, having a plus size sweater vest does two things – it keeps you warm and provides a specific functional style to your wardrobe. This is particularly true for those in-between seasons where you don't necessarily want or need a full jacket… the sweater vest is a tidy alternative.

Sweater vests had gone out of fashion for a while, but are definitely experiencing a new renaissance. A well-tailored vest can tie together an outfit with unique class. If you're looking for a finishing touch – then this affordable accessory is something well worth considering. What's really nice about a sweater vest is that it brings a little polish to a casual outfit – just toss it on and make some minor accessory changes and you're ready for that unexpected dinner engagement.

As you're looking at a sweater vest – one thing is very important. It needs to fit correctly. A loose vest only creates a sloppy appearance rather than the more stylish air that a well-fitted vest manages. Clothing that's too big also accentuates some of those curves you might wish were a little less noticeable. That doesn't mean it has to fit like a girdle – but rather leave just enough space for whatever blouse you want to wear underneath.

Another consideration in your sweater vest is how heavy you need it to be. You can go with lighter fabrics when the weather is still changing – cotton being among the most popular and durable. For colder climates a wool vest goes a lot way toward keeping you warm, particularly against a chilly wind.

As for colors and patterns, that really depends on the look you want to create. A plain colored sweater vest is more mulit-functional and a tad more formal than something playful like stripes. Solid colors can be more thinning too. For a plus size sweater vest, try to keep patterns small and simple like thin vertical stripes. This gives the feeling of more height and draws the eye down the full length of the body so the clothing looks like it moves with you comfortably and confidently.

Numerous designers offer plus size sweater vest selections if you're looking for a “name” – however, for those on a budget you'll find plenty of “off the rack” vests that suit both your personal style and your pocketbook. Don't be afraid to shop around until you find the one that says “chic” looking back from the mirror.

Plus Size Cashmere Sweater

When shopping for a plus size cashmere sweater - buyer beware. Some factories mislabel sweaters as "authentic" when in fact they're blends. Cashmere has a distinctive smooth feeling against the skin. If the fabric feels coarse - then it's not cashmere (although a dark colored cashmere sweater will be slightly rougher than a white or light colored one due to the way dye effects the strands). This is one area where being an informed consumer can protect you from a costly error.

Having said that, there's no question that a cashmere sweater makes an elegant and somewhat extravagant addition to your wardrobe. In looking at all the styles available take into consideration the shape of your face and neck to find the most attractive sweater for your body type. For example, nearly any one can wear a round neckline where as someone with squat necks or faces do well to avoid a turtleneck, which swallows them up.

For women who love to celebrate and even flaunt a feminine aura, a plus size cashmere sweater with bateau neckline is a great choice. Also called a boat neck, this sweater's neckline lays horizontally from shoulder point to shoulder point. If your neck is one of your best features this accentuates it even more. Add a simple classic necklace and WOW! An off-the shoulder cut can also provide that impact, but with a more sultry undertone compared to the dignified bateau that's often seen in wedding gowns.

Other options in styles include a V neckline and a scoop line, which some women like because it doesn't rub against their neck (turtlenecks can feel a bit constricting). Typically a classic cashmere sweater won't have a daring plunge in either of these choices. Do, however, try the sweaters on to see where the opening hits depending on your body type. Women with more ample breasts may want to choose a round neckline for a more conservative appeal.

Besides the overall cut of your plus size cashmere sweater don't forget color considerations. This sweater type is a little more costly than some, so you may want to consider a neutral tone that will go with your entire wardrobe rather than offset only a few pieces. When chosen well, a cashmere sweater becomes a wonderful, warm, sophisticated addition to semi-formal and formal attire. You can also dress up a nice pair of jeans with it for a fun night out with the girls.

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