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Plus Size Leather Coats

Plus Size Leather Coats are more abundant than ever. If you thought you would have trouble finding one, think again.

You may, however, have trouble making up your mind! You can choose from leather coats, jackets, full length, classic, trendy, metallic, fur trimmed, lined... The choices are almost endless.

Plus Size Leather Coat

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Plus size leather coats make a great addition to any wardrobe. The question for many women-with- curves is, however, which style is best for your specific body type. Every person's body is a little unique, and this is not a one style fits all equation. So how do you go about choosing the right coat?

The first tip is that you want a coat that fits well. Similarly to sweaters and shirts you don't want something that hangs over your body like a big sack. That only accentuates weight. A good coat makes your shape look great – so great that you won't want to hide it! As you're trying on look at arm length both with your arms down and bent. Does the material move comfortably with you and not ride up? That's a good coat. Check the fit across the shoulders and bust line too. You want to be comfortable (not poured into the coat) but also tidy.

Another great tip for choosing plus size leather coats is avoiding those that have any type of padding. You don't need any extra touches that make your coat look bulky. Think sleek, like a black trench coat. These look wonderful on plus size women. Go for one that comes to your hip if you're shorter, or full length if you have a tall stature. Like the proverbial “little black dress” – this type of coat never goes out of style. It's also the kind of coat you can wear for nearly every occasion from grocery shopping to a night on the town.

Of course, you need not stick with black if you prefer a different color. However since leather coats typically represent a sizable investment – get a color that will go with whatever your wearing and fit in no matter where you are. Brown, dark navy and tan come immediately to mind as good options.

As you're window shopping you may be surprised at the large variety of plus size coats available to you. Thankfully the fashion industry has “woken up” and really begun to stretch into creative designs that flatter a larger figure.

Once you get one, you'll find that there are many benefits to owning plus size leather jackets. Leather has a natural ability to safeguard you from wind and cold. It's also fairly protective against light rain or snow. A well-made leather coat lasts nearly forever. In fact aging seems to improve the way these coats look. For those who prefer fake leather for environmental reasons, there are many coats designed with polyurethane that are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

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