Plus Size Cover Ups 
Plus Size Swimsuit Coverups

Plus Size Swimsuit Coverups

Choosing great plus size cover ups can make a world of difference in how you look and feel when you are in public wearing swim wear.

Skip the urge to throw on tee shirt or wrap a towel around your waist and go for a fashionable swimsuit cover up. You will look better, feel better and you may feel much more comfortable if you choose to keep it on!

Black Plus Size Swimsuit Coverup

There are many different style to choose, you could even go with a sundress or cute shorts outfit.  To look stylish and pulled together (and not thrown together) choose a cover-up that either matches coordinates with your swimsuit.  If you are going on a cruise or to a party, you will most likely wear your cover-up a lot, so make sure you love it!

If you are going for the total fashionista look, don't forget to coordinate your shoes and bag with your swimsuit and cover-up!

Types of Plus Size Cover Ups Styles:

Traditional Style Coverup

Traditional Style Plus Size Swimsuit Coverup
Photo from AlwaysForMe
Photo from AlwaysForMe

 The traditional style is what many people think of when they think about a cover up, especially plus size beach cover ups.  It is most likely terry cloth, with a zip front and maybe a hoodie. 

A Terry Cloth Plus Size Coverup is a practical choice if you are going to be doing a lot of swimming and will be putting it on while you are still wet, as the terry cloth fabric will help to dry you off.

Caftan or Kimono
Style Plus Size Cover Ups

Kimono Style Cover up
Kimono Swim Cover up

The caftan style is another type of traditional plus size coverup, it is more often referred to as kimono style today.  

This style can be found in a variety of colors and lengths, from mid thigh to maxi dress length.

Sundress Style Cover up

Sundress Style Plus Size Swimsuit Coverup
Photo from AlwaysForMe
Sundress Stule Swimsuit Coverup
Photo from Swimsuits for All

The dress or sundress style is great if you are going to be going out in public in your swimsuit - with some of them you can't even tell you are wearing a bathing suit underneath!

You can find a wide variety of styles and lengths - from minis to maxi dress styles.

Plus Size Cover Up Tunic

Plus Size Cover Up Tunic
Plus Size Cover Up Tunic

This is another great style that provides good coverage for your upper body.  You can find them sleeveless or with short or long sleeves in a variety of colors and styles.

This is a great style if you carry more of your weight up top and have nice legs.

T-Shirt Tank Dress Cover up

T-Shirt Tank Dress Coverup
Plus Size Tank Dress Coverup

This is another dress style, which is more like a long t-shirt or tank top.

This is a good style for you if you aren't crazy about your thighs.  If you have a great upper body, go for the sleeveless style.  If you prefer to keep you upper arms covered as well, look for a tee shirt tunic or dress style.

Button Up Cover Up

Plus Size Button Up Cover Up
Plus Size Button Up Cover Up

Shirt style or button up plus size cover ups are another popular style. They are usually worn unbuttoned and open.   These can also do double duty in your wardrobe as a big shirt or tunic.  This would probably be too much over a swimdress or even a tankini, but it is a great look over a tank style swimsuit - especially when it matches or coordinates with your suit.

Plus Size Pareo

Plus Size Pareo Coverup
Plus Size Pareo Skirt Coverup
Photos from AlwaysForMe

If you are most concerned with covering you lower body, a plus size pareo or sarong skirt is a great option.  

Pareo is a Tahitian word for a skirt that is wrapped around the body - so a Pareo is a wrap around skirt.   Pareo and sarong are often used interchangeably - they basically mean the same thing their names originated in different parts of the world.  Pareos can be found in a variety of lengths and can be tied closed to completely cover the legs or more open.

Plus Size Coverup Shorts

Plus Size Coverup Shorts
Photo from Swimsuits for All

These are very popular right now and can be found in many different colors, so you can coordinate them with your suit.  Some of them can be worn in the water, converting your swimsuit in a jogger style look.

Plus Size Coverup Skirt

Plus Size Coverup Skirt
Plus Size Coverup Skirt
Photos from AlwaysForMe

The short flirty cover up skirt is the latest trendy in plus size cover up.  You slip it over your swimsuit for a fun and flirty look.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups Fashion Tips:

To find the perfect style for you, ask yourself do you want your cover-up to simply be functional - like to wear on the way to the pool or the beach, or do you also want it to serve like a party dress at a pool party? Then pick the style that will meet your individual need.

To get your best look, go for a Plus Size Coverup that has some shape to it. Like all clothes, pick a fit that is flattering to your body shape by having it more fitted in your favorite areas. If you are pear shaped and have a great upper body, you may choose simply to add a sarong skirt, Pareo or shorts over your swimsuit. One of the newest looks is the cute and flirty cover up skirt.

If you carry your weight in your upper body, avoid a cover up that adds more bulk of emphasis there and go for a shorter style to show off your great legs.

If you prefer swim dresses, layering another dress on top can add a lot of volume, you may want to stick with a shirt or robe style cover that buttons up the front.

Finally make sure your plus size cover ups coordinate with your swimsuit - a strapless cover up would look funny over a tank style suit.

If you like the tee shirt look, there are some great tee shirt dresses that make great cover-ups.  If you have a pear shape, consider a sarong.  They look fabulous and they are very flattering to your body type.  If you are wearing a tank style suit, you can add a pair of shorts or skirt.

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