Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit

A Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit provides the look of a tank swimsuit with jogging shorts.  This is a great sporty look that provides extra coverage!

Plus Size Jogger Swimsuits & Shortinis

A traditional jogger swimsuit is a one-piece with the attached shorts.  These are not very plentiful, but you can achieve the same look by layering a pair of swim shorts over a tank swimsuit or with a Tankini that has shorts (sometimes called a shortini).

This is a very flattering style for most body types.

Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit

From One Stop Plus

This is a very traditional, sporty jogger suit.  It is one-piece and comes in 4 colors.    Athletic inspired attire (including swimwear) is very popular for this summer.

Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit

From Jessica London

This style is much younger and fresher.  It looks more like a cute summer shorts outfit than a swimsuit!  This is also a one-piece suit.

Floral Top plus size shortini

From Swimsuits for All

I love everything about this shortini - it is modest yest very fashionable. The floral print, in the right colors is SO in fashion this summer! I also love that althought it is sold as a set, you can get the top and bottom in different sizes!

From Swimsuits for All

If you are looking for something unique, this may fit the bill.  It is a 2-piece shortini with boy shorts.  What makes this unique is the vintage inspired top - in a black and white print that is so in fashion - it is a modern twist on an old look.

Black plus size shortini

From Swimsuits for All

This is a great all black 2 piece shortini with a pop of color.  This would be a very flattering suit - the color accent will draw the eye to the smallest part of most women's bodies.

two-piece plus size tankini

From Woman Within

This is a two-piece tankini that gives you the same silhouette and look as a jogger suit.

Plus Size Jogger Swimsuit

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